Assignment 8 (50 Points)

Edit and combine assignments 4-7 into a proposal describing in detail how you plan to address your research questions.  The proposal should contain (a) an introduction clearly stating the topic of the research and the question(s) to be addressed, why the topic is worth studying, a brief summary of methods to be used in the study, and a concluding statement of the expected outcome and benefits of the study (1-2 pages); (b) a review of the relevant literature followed by a restatement of the research question and a discussion the specific hypotheses/sensitizing concepts the study will address (3-5 pages, excluding reference pages which should appear at the end of the proposal); and (c) a methodology section that discusses in detail how data will be collected an analyzed in the study (5-10 pages, excluding appendices and attachments). The total length of the proposal should be approximately 10-20 pages of narrative plus appendices and attachments depending on the topic and the methods chosen.