Topic Reading Assignment

Sociology as a Discipline and Profession

Being a Sociologists and Doing Sociology

Sociological Methods and ToolsChapters 1 and 2 in Applied Sociology
The Sociological Perspective Selections 1, 2, and 4 in Classic Readings Assignment 1:  Thinking Sociologically

Sociological Theory

Structural Functionalism Selections 5, 8, and 10 in Classic Readings  
Conflict Theory Selections 3, 13, and 14 in Classic Readings  
Interpretive and Interactionist Approaches Selections 6, 7, 9 and 15 in Classic Readings Assignment 2:  Comparing Theoretical Traditions
Feminist, Minority, and Other Voices Selections 11 and 12 in Classic Readings

Introduction to Sociological Research Methods

Research Basics RMKB - Language of Research
Quantitative and Qualitative Research Methods RMKB - Philosophy of Research Assignment 3:  Comparing Quantitative and Qualitative Methods

Doing Sociological Research

Topics, Questions, and HypothesesRMKB - Ethics/Conceptualizing/EvaluationAssignment 4:  Choose a Topic, Write a Literature Review, and Develop Research Questions/Hypotheses
Measurement and Data CollectionRMKB - Measurement/DesignAssignment 5:  Select a Method of Data Collection, Develop Data Collection Instruments, and Design a Data Collection Strategy
Sampling and Case Selection
RMKB - Sampling Assignment 6:  Identify the Population of Interest and Develop a Sampling/Selection Strategy
Data Management and Analysis RMKB:  Analysis Assignment 7:  Develop a Data Management and Analysis Strategy
Writing a Proposal RMKB:  Write-Up Assignment 8:  Write a Research Proposal
Implementation   Assignment 9:  Carry Out the Approved Research and Write a Research Report

A Review of Core Concepts in Sociology

Culture, Values, Beliefs, and Ideologies
Chapter 3 in Applied Sociology
Norms, Deviance, and Social Control
Chapter 5 in Applied Sociology  
Groups, Organizations, Statuses, and Roles
Chapter 4 in Applied Sociology
Inequality and StratificationChapter 6 in Applied Sociology
Social Institutions
Chapters 7-12 in Applied Sociology  
Communities, Cities, Societies, and GlobalizationChapter 13 in Applied Sociology
Socialization and the Self

Social Change and Social Movements
Chapter 14 in Applied Sociology

Sociology as a Career

Employment Opportunities for Sociologists Job Titles for Sociologists
What can I do with a sociology degree?
Careers in Sociology
ASA Careers in Sociology Brochure
ASA Career Resources for Undergraduates

Finding and Applying for Jobs with a Sociology Degree Chapter 15-16 in Applied Sociology and Online Job Search Engines
Assignment 10:  Finding and Applying for a Job as a Sociologist