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Recent Publications and Presentations:

"Age, Sex, and Race Differences in End-of-Life Care in Nursing Homes."  Paper presented it at the Annual Meetings of the Southern Sociological Society, New Orleans, LA, April 2009.

“Dying in Institutions,” with Suzanne Prevost and Susan Miller, in Decision-Making Near the End of Life: Recent Developments and Future Directions, Blevins, Dean and Worth, James L., Jr. (Eds.).  Sudbary, MA: Jones and Bartlett. October 2008.

“Trends in End-of-Life Care in Nursing Homes: 2004-2007,” with Suzanne Prevost.  Paper presented at the Annual Meetings of the Gerontological Society of America, San Francisco, CA, November 2007.

“End-stage Identification and Hospice Use Among Nursing Home Residents Who Died,” with S. Prevost.  Sigm Theta Tau’s 18th International Research Conference, Vienna, Austria, July, 2007.

“End-of-Life Issues Among Nursing Home Residents,” with S. Prevost.  Gerontological Society of America, Dallas, TX, November, 2006.

“Two Methods for Predicting Limited Life Expectancy in Nursing Homes,” with Suzanne Prevost, Journal of Nursing Scholarship, Vol. 38,  
            No. 2, pp 148-153, June 2006.

Consulting and Contract Research:

Quality of Care Research Consultant for National Healthcare Corporation.

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