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Formal Papers

Other Important Dates


I may make minor changes in our schedule; but I will always alert you to any changes at least one week in advance.

Abbreviations for Book Titles:

RM = Research Matters
TS = They Say / I Say

Week 1 - Introduction to Academic Argumentation

Session 1 (Mon, Aug 27)

Week 2 - The Importance of Sources in Academic Writing

No Class - Labor Day Holiday (Mon, Sep 03)

Session 3 (Wed, Sep 05)

Week 3 - Finding Academic-Level Sources

Session 4 (Mon, Sep 10)

Session 5 (Wed, Sep 12)

Week 4 - Finding Sources in Walker Library

Session 6 (Mon, Sep 17)

Session 7 (Wed, Sep 19)

UNIT II. Setting the Foundation for Research: Writing an Annotated Bibliography
Now that we have a better understanding of the basics of academic-level argument, with this second project, you will go the next step by examining several texts that address the same problem and by reporting your findings using the form called an "annotated bibliography."

Week 5 - Introduction to the Art of Summary

Session 8 (Mon, Sep 24)

Session 9 (Wed, Sep 26)

Week 6 - Annotated Bibliographies: Writing the Entries

Session 10 (Mon, Oct 01)

Session 11 (Wed, Oct 03)

Week 7 - Annotated Bibliographies: Writing the Introduction

Session 12 (Mon, Oct 08)

Session 13 (Wed, Oct 10)

UNIT III. Developing a Research Proposal
We will devote the second half of the semester to your main project for this class: a research proposal. A key expectation of research proposals is that they demonstrate that the writer have good knowledge of the research already published; so we will begin by learning how to write a special kind of summary that focuses on the arguments of published research. This special summary is known as a précis. Then we will learn how to combine several précis into the main section of a research proposal, "the review of literature." Finally, we will build on this preparatory work by developing it into a real research proposal. As we leaning about the components of a research proposal, we will examine a set of readings on the nature of human violence in order to see how academic writers quote and respond to other writers.

Week 8 - Writing a Précis: Introduction

No Class - Fall Break (Mon, Oct 15)

Session 14 (Wed, Oct 17)

Week 9 - Writing a Précis

Session 15 (Mon, Oct 22)

Session 16 (Wed, Oct 25)

Week 10: Writing the "Literature Review"

Session 17 (Mon, Oct 29)

Session 18 (Wed, Oct 31)

Week 11: Writing the "Literature Review" (cont.)

Session 19 (Mon, Nov 05)

Session 20 (Wed, Nov 07)

Week 12 - Crafting Your Response to Other Writers

Session 21 (Mon, Nov 12)

Session 22 (Wed, Nov 14)

Week 13 - Crafting Your Response

Session 23 (Mon, Nov 19)

Session 24 (Wed, Nov 21)

Week 14 - Writing the Proposal's Introduction

Session 25 (Wed, Nov 26)

Session 26 (Mon, Nov 28)

Week 15 - Conferences

Session 27 (Mon, Dec 03)

Session 28 (Wed, Dec 05; last day of class)

Final Paper Due: Fri, Dec 07 by 3:00, in my office (PH 385)

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