Bibliographies of Scholarship (in English)

There is an enormous amount of scholarship on ancient rhetoric and a large number of bibliographies on this scholarship. Below I've listed some of the more general bibliographies and bibliographic essays, many of which contain references to bibliographies on more specific topics.

Bryant, Donald C., et al. Ancient Greek and Roman Rhetoricians: A Biographical Dictionary. Columbia MO: Artcraft, 1968.

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___, "Ancient Rhetoric (1957-63)." The Classical World Bibliography of Philosophy, Religion, and Rhetoric. Garland reference library of the humanities 95. New York: Garland, 1978. 387-96. An addendum to Raymont's earlier bibliography; again, valuable for its discussion of European scholarship.

Vickers, Brian. "Bibliography of Rhetoric Studies, 1970-1980." Comparative Criticism: A Yearbook 3 (1981): 316-322. 

Surveys (in English)

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A Synoptic History of Classical Rhetoric. 2nd ed. Ed. James J. Murphy. Davis, CA: Hermagoras P, 1994.

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