Medieval Arabic-Islamic Rhetoric and Poetics: Selected Bibliography of Work in English

This bibliography is the not the product of an expert in the area of Arabic-Islamic rhetoric and poetics but, rather, the work of a teacher of the history of rhetoric who discovered a need for a more convenient, updated source of information for his students. The bibliography is organized into five sub-areas: (I) a section of general studies, (II-IV) a section for each of the three main figures (Alfarabi, Avicenna, & Averroës), and (V) a section of studies on historiography and influence. A pdf version of this bibliography is available via the following link:

I. General Studies


Articles & Chapters

II. Alfarabi (c. 872-c. 951)



III. Avicenna (980-1037)



IV. Averroës (1126-1198)



V. Historiography and Influence

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