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read carefully before printing out the application form 

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General Directions
Complete the following application thoroughly.  If any item or part of an item does not apply to you, respond with “n/a.”   Also include the additional materials noted below with your application.  Submit the original and three copies of your complete application by March 15 to:

JSA Scholarship Selection Committee
June Anderson Women’s Center

P.O. Box 295
Middle Tennessee State University
Murfreesboro, Tennessee  37132

Further Guidelines
Your application must be neat.  Type/word process or print legibly.  All copies must be readable.
Your application must be complete.  Reread all instructions before submitting the application.  Make sure you include (a) all required materials and (b) the original and three copies of the completed application.

Your application must be well-written.  Proofread your application
carefully.  Have others check for proper spelling and grammar.
Your application must be securely bound. 
Bind the original and three
copies separately with paper clips and secure all with a large paper clip or binder clip.
Your application must be be delivered in a sealed envelope to the JAWC in the new Student Center.
Your application must be submitted on time.  If the due date falls on a
weekend, applications will be accepted until
4:30 p.m., the Monday
following March 15.

  Recipients will receive notification by May 1.  For additional information, questions must be addressed to the President of the June S. Anderson Foundation, Mary Magada-Ward at mary.magada-ward@mtsu.edu.and not to the staff of the JAWC.  (The Foundation is a private entity and is not the same as MTSU's JAWC.)

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