MTSU Summer Study Abroad
The History of Astronomy in England

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Frequently Asked Questiosn

Do I need to be an astronomy major to take this course?

No! This course can be used for an upper division credit or for general education credit. You will learn about the history of astronomy in a rich culture context, so it is well suited for a wide variety of students. Graduate students should talk with Dr. Wallin before enrolling as well.

This is exciting! How do I get started?

You can apply directly for pre-approval for the program here. The first thing to do is visit the MTSU Study Abroad office in Peck Hall room 207 Monday through Wednesday between 1pm and 4pm for advising. You can also go to their website. They have a great setion on getting started.

You can also contact Dr. Wallin att or call 615-494-7735. Dr. Wallin's office is room 305A in the KUC. Feel free to drop by anytime, although an appointment would ensure that he is in his office when you visit.

How much does this cost? When do I have to pay?

Take a look at the program costs page for more information. However, the first payment is $400 and due on December 2, 2016.

How many students are going?

We can only take between 8 and 10 students on this trip. Slots fill up fast, so please apply early to make sure we have space for you.

Are there scholarships avaiable?

YES! There are a number of scholarships available that can help cover the expenses for this course. Take a look at the program costs page for more information. You can generally use other financial aid for study abroad courses as well.

Where are we staying?

Will I have any free time?

Yes - we have included time to allow students a chance to explore each of the cities we visit.