Results from June 5, 2007

Our field class started up today as usual -- a lot of slow and tedious "prep work" that will set the stage for our discoveries over the next few weeks. A beautiful day to start work -- warm and sunny, but not too humid!

By 8:00 am, we were moving, unloading, and organizing the half dozen truckloads of equipment and supplies that will carry us through the next few weeks.

This includes the task of assembling our tent shelters -- a wonderful experience that I highly recommend for anyone wanting to develop skills and patience, tolerance and love of your fellow humans!

By late afternoon, we had started laying out the first six excavation units of our 2007 summer field season.

By 8:30 on Wednesday -- we should be stripping the sod and plowzone from these excavation units and will be well on our way to new discoveries by the end of the day.

Our first efforts this summer are to continue the search for the eastern palisade wall that once surrounded this ancient town.

We are starting our next series of trenches just to the east of the house investigated in 2006.

We'll continue to work to the east over the next several days -- hoping to cross the trench of the palisade wall.