Results from June 30, 2006

While a bit more humid and without a breeze in the morning, we were stilled blessed with pretty good weather for the last day of June 2006. The afternoon was cloudy with a nice breeze -- although we did have a brief anxious moment or two when some dark clouds threatened to head our way. Two rain drops out of those -- we saved them.

Our "digs" continued slowly today -- not a tremendous amount of great discoveries to report. Below, Meagan continues to work on the pit feature surrounding the large post we've been working on for several days.

From another angle, Jesse works to expose the outline of this pit -- we're still not sure what this feature is.

Here's how it looked after "cleanup."

Much of the crew continued working on Feature 4 -- we weren't quite ready for a large-scale aerial photo of the feature when we closed up toady. Maybe on Saturday...

On our wall-trenches -- we continued work. On the north wall of the trench-house, we found our second corner (outlined in yellow). To our astonishment -- we found what appears to be the end of Wall-Trench Number 5 on the west wall (in white). That would mean this large structure was rebuilt at least four times. The black outline at the bottom of the photo shows several different features -- a probable small hearth and a posthole. More news on that either tomorrow or Monday.

Tomorrow is the last of our "Volunteer Saturdays." We look forward to working with our volunteers -- and hope to report back some great progress on Saturday.