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This is a bibliography of some useful texts on bricks, agricultural tiles, and manufacturing processes of same. It is broken into three parts; namely treatises for the archaeologists, treatises for the non-archaeologist but still useful, and a very very short listing of excavations of brick/tile manufacturers. This last is brief because there are so many of them in the grey literature that it seems more practical to omit them. Additions, corrections, and suggestions are welcomed. Please send to: Kris Hirst hirst@inav.net.

Undoubtedly the best reference for archaeologists is Gurcke 1987 listed below. This works includes a terrific bibliography, which is not reproduced herein.

BRICK AND TILE REFERENCES Technical Treatises for the Archaeologist

Bronner, Simon
1980 	The Harris House and related structures in south-central 
	Indiana.  Pioneer America 12(1):9-30.

Deiss, Ron
1992	A brief history and chronology of ceramic drainage and masonry 
	tile produced in the United States.  Journal of the International
	Brick Collectors Association 10(1):6-18.

Gilbert, Allas S., Garman Harbottle, and Daniel deNoyelles
1993 	A ceramic chemistry archive for New Netherland/New York.
	Historic Archaeology 27(3):17-56.

Greer, Georgeanna H.
1981 	American Stonewares, the Art and Craft of Utilitarian Potters.
	Schiffer Publishing Co., Exton, PA.
1979 	Basic forms of historic pottery kilns which may be encountered in 
	the United States. In The Conference on Historic Site Archeology
	Papers, 1978.  Edited by Stanley South. Vol. 13, pp. 133-147.=20

Gurcke, Karl
1987	Bricks and Brickmaking: A Handbook for Historical Archaeology.
	The University of Idaho Press, Moscow.  Undoubtedly the best
	reference for archaeologists. Terrific bibliography, which I did
	not reproduce here.

Kelly, Roger E. and Marsha C. S. Kelly
1977 	Brick bats for archaeologists: Values of pressed brick brands.
	Historical Archaeology 11:84-89.

Martens, Steve C.
1990 	Material procurement and farmstead development: Effect of 
	indigenous material on the appearance of German brick farmhouses
	in Carver County, Minnesota. Pioneer America 13(1):11-22.

Musty, John
1990 	Brick kilns and brick and tile suppliers to Hampton Court Palace.
	Archaeology Journal 147:411-419. 

Walters, William D., Jr.
1982 	Nineteenth century midwestern brick. Pioneer America
1979-80	Abandoned nineteenth century brick and tile works in Central
	Illinois: An introduction from local sources. Inustrial
	Archaeology Review 4(1):70-80.

Zimmerman, H. Russell
1991 	Cream city brick. Historic Preservation22(3):4-12.

Technical Treatises for the Non-Archaeologist

Dobson, Edward, and Alfred B. Searle.
1921 	A rudimentary treatise on the manufacture of brick and tiles.
	London: Crosby, Lockwood, and Son.

Rhodes, David (Daniel?)
1968 	Kilns: Design, Construction, and Operation.  Chilton Book
	Company, Radnor PA.  
1959 	Stoneware and Porcelain. Chilton Book Company, Radnor PA. 

McMahan, J. F., C. K. Kostad, and H. H. Barnes
1948 	A Critical Study of the Manufacture of Soft-Mud Building Brick.
	Industrial Research and Development Division, Office of Technical
	Services, Department of Commerce, Washington, DC.

McCollam, C. Harold
1976 	The Brick and Tile Industry in Stark County. Stark County 
	Historical Society, Canton, Ohio.

McKee, Harley J.
1972 	Introduction to Early American Masonry: Stone, Brick, Mortar, 
	and Plaster. National Trust for Historic Preservation and
	Columbia Missouri, New York.

Moline, Robert Timothy
1969 	The Modification of the Wet Prairie in Southern Minnesota.
	Unpublished MA. thesis, University of Minnesota, St.

Rauschenberg, Bradford L.
1991 	Brick and tile manufacturing in the South Carolina Low
	Country, 1750-1800. Journal of Southern Decorative Arts

Trindell, Roger T.
1968 	Building in brick in early America. Geographical Review  

Waring, George E., Jr.
1902 	Draining for Profit and Draining for Health. 4th edition. Orange 
	Judd Company, New York.

Weaver, Marion M.
1964 	History of Tile Drainage (In America prior to 1900). M. M.
	Weaver, Waterloo, NY.  Department of Commerce 1915 The Pottery
	Industry. Bureau of Foreign and Domestic Commerce Miscellaneous
	Series No. 21.  Washington, DC.

Hamer, Frank, and Janet Hamer
1986 	The Potter's Dictionary of Materials and Techniques.  Revised  
	Edition, Watson-Guptill Publications, New York.

Harris, Cyril M.
1975 	Dictionary of Architecture and Construction. McGraw-Hill Book
	Company, New York.

Leach, Bernard
1940 	A Potter's Book. Farber and Farber, Ltd. London.

Rado, Paul
1969 	An Introduction to Ceramic Technology. Pergamon Press Ltd.   

Robinson Clay Products Co.
1903 	Clay Products. Akron, OH

Searle, Alfred B.
1911 	The Clayworker's Handbook. 2nd Edition, Charles Griffin & co.,
	Ltd., London

Tefft, Gary, and Bonnie Tefft
1981 	Red Wing Potters and Their Wares. Locust Enterprises,
	Menominee Falls, WS

Watkins, Laura Woodside
1950	Early New England Potters and their Wares. Cambridge, Mass.

Webster, Donald Blacke
1968 	The Brantford Pottery. Art and Archaeology,  Occasional Paper 
	13. Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto.
1971 	Decorated Stoneware Pottery of North America. Tuttle, Rutland,

A (Very) Few Archaeological Excavations

Adams, William Hampton (ed.)
1980 	Waverly Plantation: Ethnoarchaeology of a Tenant Farming
	Community. National Technical Information Service. xxii+722 pp.;
	142 figs.; 118 tables; 3 microfiche excavation of a scove kiln in

Bleed, Peter, and Christopher M. Schoen
1987 	Archaeology uncovers century-old factory. Cornerstone:
	Historic Preservation in Nebraska 8(2).
1990 	The Lincoln Pottery Works: Historical perspectives. Nebraska 
	History 71(1):34-47.

Finney, Fred A., Cynthia L. Peterson, Rolfe D. Mandel, and Hugh R.
1994 	Archaeological Geomorphological, and Historical Survey of the 
	South Raccoon River Greenbelt, Dallas County, Iowa: Summary and
	Future Research Guide. Contract Completion Report 432. Office of
	the State Archaeologist, University of Iowa, Iowa City.
	Describes (briefly) seven extant or partially extant brick or tile
	manufacturing sites in Dallas County.

Finney, Fred A. and Susan R. Snow
1991 	Small scale, soft-mud brickmaking facilities in the
	mid-nineteenth century: An archaeological example from Iowa.
	Journal of the Iowa Archeological Society 38:66-72.

Hamilton, Kelly
1990 	Archaeological and historical survey of the Zerrenner
	Brickyard, 47-Ou-101, Outagamie County, WIsconsin.  IN
	Transportation Archaeology in Wisconsin, the 1988 Field Season.
	Wisconsin Department of Transportation, Archaeological Report 16.
	Lynn A. Rusch, et al. (editors). Madison.

Hirst, K. Kris
1994 	Archaeological  Investigations at the Brown Brothers Tile Factory,   
	A Phase II investigation of 13WS224, Primary Roads Project
	NHS-218-3(16)--19-92 a.k.a. PIN 84-92040-1 Washington County,
	Iowa.  Project Completion Report 17(59). Office of the State
	Archaeologist, University of Iowa, Iowa City.  Agricultural tile
	manufacturing site, operated from 1882=961904. Little of the site
	remains intact, with the exception of segments of five walls,
	interpreted as part of a round downdraft kiln.

Malone, James M.,Georgeanna H. Greer, and Helen Simons
1979 	Kirbee Kiln: A Mid-19th Century Texas Stoneware Pottery. Office of 
	the State Archeologist Report 13, Texas Historical Commission,

Page, William C. and Leah D. Rogers
1993 	A Cultural Resources Survey for the U.S. Highway 6 Reconstruction
	Project, Dallas and Polk Counties, Iowa. Snyder and Associates,
	Mt. Vernon.  Phase I investigations of small brickyard, near Adel
	Iowa, 1881-ca 1907 [13DA70] Small, scove kiln operation; survey

Reynolds, John D.
1970 	Coalport and its relationship to the early historic pottery
	industry in the Des Moines River Valley.  Unpublished MS. thesis,
	Iowa State University Department of Sociology and Anthropology,

Rogers, Leah D.
1993 	A Phase I Archaeological Survey for the Proposed Des Moines
	Recreational River and Greenbelt, Botanical Center Riverfront
	Park, Riverfront Garden Project, Des Moines, Iowa. Contract No.
	DACW25-92-M-1022, for the US Army Corps of Engineers, Rock Island
	District. Leah Rogers, Mount Vernon, IA.  Phase I survey of the
	Iowa Pipe and Tile Company plant, Des Moines Iowa, 1881=961957
	[13PK534]. Downdraft kilns; primarily sewer tile, bricks, pipe;
	the largest drain tile mfg in state [1880s]. Shovel tests, backhoe
	trench; mapping, historical data provided. Too damaged to
	recommend further investigations.

Schoen,Christopher, and Peter Bleed
1993 	The Archaeology of the Lincoln Pottery Works. Central Plains 
	Archaeology 3(1).

Schroeder, Allen Leo
1979 	The Stoneware Industry at Moingona, Iowa: An archaeological and
	 historical study of Moingona Pottery Works (13BN120) and Flint
	Stone Pottery (13BN132). Unpublished MS. thesis, Iowa State
	University DO Sociology and Anthropology, Ames

Schulte, Barbara
1974	The Nineteenth Century Ceramic Industry at Coal Valley:   
	Archaeology of 13BN111 (Noah Creek Kiln).  Unpublished MS.
	thesis, Iowa State University Department of Sociology and
	Anthropology, Ames

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