Talking About Women's History

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African-American Women

Gordon-Reed, Annette. [Interview] [online]. Interviewed by Brian Lamb. Booknotes. C-SPAN, 21 February 1999. Available from:
Gordon-Reed discusses her book, Thomas Jefferson and Sally Hemmings: An American Controversy.

Jefferson's Blood: Thomas Jefferson, His Slave & Mistress Sally Hemings, Their Descendents, and the Mysterious Power of Race [online]. [Boston, Mass.]: WGBH/Boston, 2000.
This companion site to the PBS Frontline series includes Interiews with Joseph Ellis, Annette Gordon-Reed, Lucia Cinder Stanton, and Dr. Eugene Foster.

McMurry, Linda. [Interview] [online]. Interviewed by Brian Lamb. Booknotes. C-SPAN, 26 September 1999. Available from:
Topic: To Keep the Waters Troubled: The Life of Ida B. Wells


Butler, Susan. [Interview] [online]. Interviewed by Brian Lamb. Booknotes, 14 December 1997. Available from:


Brumberg, Joan Jacobs. Fasting Girls: A History of Anorexia Nervosa [online]. Talking History, 3 February 2000. Available from:

Innes, Sherrie A. Delinquents and Debutantes [online]. Interviewed by Dennis Mihelich. Talking History, 17 March 2000. Available from:

Lindenmeyer, Kristi. History of Child Labor in the United States: A Talk with Kristi Lindenmeyer [online]. Interviewed by Dennis Mihelich. Talking History, 7 September 1998. Available from:

Consumer Culture

Peiss, Kathy L. American Women and the Making of Modern Consumer Culture [online]. The Journal for Multimedia History 1 (Fall 1998). Available from: Peiss' lecture is presented in audio format.


Herrmann, Dorothy. [Interview] [online]. Interviewed by Brian Lamb. Booknotes. C-SPAN, 25 October 1998.
Herrmann discusses her book, Helen Keller: A Life.

Hispanic American Women

Martin, Maria. The Unsung of Civil Rights [online]. Morning Edition. National Public Radio, 22 February 2000.
Martin reports on Dolores Huerta, who has been an advocate for Mexican migrant farm workers for almost four decades.

Immigrant Women

Gabaccia, Donna. Immigrant Women: A Talk with Historian Donna Gabaccia [online]. Talking History. Creighton Web Radio, Creighton University, 8 March 1999. Available from:

Jewish Women

The Holocaust in American Culture. Talk of the Nation. National Public Radio, 23 June 1999.
Participants include Deborah Dash Moore, co-editor of Jewish Women in America: An Historical Encyclopedia (Routledge, 1998).


Grant, Julia. A History of [U.S.] Child-Rearing Manuals. Interviewed by Dennis Mihelich. Talking History, 4 May 2000. Available from:


Swing Shift [online]. Hosted by Lynn Neary. Morning Edition. National Public Radio, 27 July 2000. Available from: [7:19]
Neary talks to Sherrie Tucker, author of Swing Shift: All-Girl Bands of the 1940's, and former trumpet player Clora Bryant.


Independent Visions Panel Discussion
March 20, 1999, UCR/California Museum of Photography
"Karen Barber, curator of Independent Visions, moderated a panel discussion on art historical and political issues concerning women in photography. The panelists included artists Sant Khalsa and Jo Ann Callis and art critic Michelle Pacansky."


Bailey, Susan McGee. Political Moms [online]. Interviewed by Linda Wertheimer. All Things Considered. National Public Radio, 12 May 2000. Available from:

Cook, Blanch Wiesen. [Interview with Blanch Wiesen Cook]. Interviewed by Terry Gross. Fresh Air. National Public Radio, 1 July 1999. Cook discusses the second volume of her biography of Eleanor Roosevelt.

Marszalek, John. [Interview] Interviewed by Brian Lamb. Booknotes. C-SPAN, 8 March 1998
Topic: Marszalek's book The Petticoat Affair: Manners, Mutiny, and Sex in Andrew Jackson's White House


Reis, Elizabeth. Women and Witchcraft in Colonial Salem, Massachusetts. Interviewed by Bryan Le Beau, 29 October 1998. Available from:

Women's Rights

Dubois, Ellen. The 150th Anniversary of the Women's Rights Convention at Seneca Falls: A Talk with Ellen Dubois [online]. Talking History, 13 July 1998. Available from:


Cobble, Dorothy Sue. Working Class Feminism: The Other Women's Movement [online]. Interviewed by George Liston Seay. Talking History, 8 June 2000. Available from:

World War II

We Band of Angels: The Untold Story of American Nurses Trapped on Bataan by the Japanese, by Elizabeth Norman
Interview on Booknotes, 8/15/1999

Wetherford, Doris. American Women and World War II [online]. Interviewed by Dennis Mihelich, 28 October 1999. Available from:

Other Sources