American Women's History: A Research Guide
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Electronic Discussion Groups

Associations and Societies

Research Centers/Women's Studies Programs

Electronic Discussion Groups

H-Net Discussion Groups

See the H-Net home page for information about over 60 electronic discussion groups in history and related fields. Links to the H-Net groups that focus on women are provided below.

Other Discussion Groups

Korenman, Joan. "Gender-Related Electronic Forums" [online]. 1996 [cited 14 March 1997]. Available from

Kovacs, Diane K., and the Directory Team. Directory of Scholarly and Professional E-Conferences. Available from

Networking Sources: Associations

Key Women's History Associations

National Women's History Project

Women's Studies Section, Association of College and Research Libraries

Directories of Women's Associations/Organizations

Online Directories

ElectraPages: The Women's Organization & Business Locator:
Database of a wide variety of women's organizations, including those associated with women's history. Information provided includes contact information, as well as a link to organization's home page, if applicable.

Print Directories

Barrett, Jacqueline K., and Jane A. Malonis, eds. Encyclopedia of Women's Associations Worldwide. Detroit: Gale, c1993. 471p.

Other Association Directories

Associations on the Net:
Developed by: Internet Public Library
Includes "over 300 Internet sites providing information about a wide variety of professional and trade associations, cultural and art organizations, political parties and advocacy groups, labor unions, academic societies, and research institutions."

Scholarly Societies Project:
Developed by: University of Waterloo Library
Description: Links to Internet sites representing of over 1000 scholarly societies and associations. The "subject guide" section lists organizations in 44 categories, including history and women's studies.

Print Sources

Encyclopedia of Associations. Detroit: Gale, 1961- . Annual.
Provides the following information about 23,000 national and international organizations: organization name, address, phone and fax numbers; founding date; number of members; membership dues; annual budget; publications; dates and locations of conferences; and a brief description of the purpose and activities. Use Part 3: Name and Keyword Index to locate the entry number for specific associations.

Encylopedia of Associations. Regional, State, and Local Organizations. Detroit: Gale, c1987- . Biennial.

Research Centers/Women's Studies Programs

Korenman, Joan. "Women's Studies Programs, Departments, & Research Centers" [online]. Updated June 18, 1997 [cited 21 June 1997]. Available from

American Women's History: A Research Guide
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