American Women's History: A Research Guide
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Daley, Ginny, comp. American Woman Suffrage: A Pathfinder for Sources in Duke Libraries [online]. Last updated June 1996 [cited 28 February 1998]. Available from:

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See "Suffrage and Political Participation."

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Encyclopedias/Historical Overviews

Cott, Nancy, ed. History of Women in the United States: Historical Articles on Women's Lives and Activities. Vol. 19, Woman Suffrage. Munich: Saur, 1993.

Flexner, Eleanor. Century of Struggle: The Women's Rights Movement in the United States. Cambridge, Mass.: Harvard University Press, 1975.

Primary Sources: Archival Collection Guides

See the general Archival Collections section for additional information sources.

Daley, Ginny, comp. American Woman Suffrage: A Pathfinder for Sources in Duke Libraries [online]. [Durham, N.C.]: Duke University Libraries, August 1995 [cited 22 January 2001]. Available from:

The Women's Suffrage Movement in the U.S.: Selected Primary Sources in the Sophia Smith Collection and College Archives [online]. Northampton, Mass.: Sophia Smith Collection, Smith College, n.d. [cited 10 April 1998]. Available from:

Primary Sources: Digital Collections

Ada James Papers and Correspondence (1915-1918) [University of Wisconsin Libraries, 2006 [cited 20 September 2007]. Available from: This collection documents James' role in the suffrage movement in Wisconsin.

Citizens at Last: The Woman Suffrage Movement in Texas [online]. Austin: Texas Council for the Humanities, n.d. [cited 21 November 2004]. Available from:

Cook, Lisa Connelly, and John McClymer. Worcester Women's History Project [online]. [cited 6 March 1998]. Available from:

Jane McCallum and the Suffrage Movement [online]. Austin, TX: Austin History Center, [2001]. Available from:

Maine Memory Network [online]. Portland: Maine Historical Society, 2001- [cited 1 March 2002]. Available from:
Enter suffrage as a search term to retrieve political cartoons, speech announcements, and brochures; several anti-suffrage materials are also included in the collection.

Miller NAWSA Suffrage Scrapbooks, 1897-1911 [online]. Washington: Library of Congress, 2005 [cited 8 October 2005]. Available from:

Nina Allender Cartoons [online]. Washington, DC: Sewall-Belmont House and Museum, 2005 [cited 30 May 2005]. Available from:

Suffragists Oral History Project Berkeley: Library, University of California, c1998. Available from:

Triptych: The TriCollege Digital Library [online]. [Haverford, PA : Haverford College Special Collections, 2002- ]. Available from:
Digital collections from Bryn Mawr College Special Collections, Friends Historical Library of Swarthmore College, Swarthmore College Peace Collection, and Haverford College Special Collections. See the Suffragist Images Collection.

Virtual Oral/Aural History Archive (VOAHA) [online]. Long Beach: VOAHA, California State University, 2002- [cited 17 November 2004]. Available from:
Follow the links to "Women's History" and "Suffragists."

Visual Information Access (VIA) [online]. [Cambridge, Mass.]: Harvard University Library, 1999- . Enter suffrage or suffragists as a "subject" search. Note that the resulting records only include low resolution, thumbnail images.

Votes for Women: Selections from the National American Woman Suffrage Association (NAWSA) Collection, 1860-1920 [online]. Washington, D.C.: Library of Congress, January 1997 [cited 6 March 1998]. Available from:

Votes for Women Suffrage Pictures, 1850-1920 [online]. Washington, D.C.: Library of Congress, 26 August 1997 [cited 18 September 1998]. Available from:

Commercial Digital Collections

Check your local university library to determine if you have access to one or more of the following collections.

Access to Women's Studies: CIS History Universe. [Washington, D.C.]: Congressional Information Service, 2000- .
Includes transcripts from manuscript collections of key suffragists (e.g., Stanton), political cartoons, state statutes, and additional primary/secondary sources.

Primary Sources: Microform Collections

Cornell University Collection of Women's Rights Pamphlets, 1814-1912. Wooster, OH: Bell & Howell, [1974].

Emily Newell Blair Papers, 1785-1972. Wilmington, DE: Scholarly Resources, 1999.

Isabella Beecher Hooker Project: A Microfiche Edition of Her Papers and Suffrage-Related Correspondence Owned by the Stowe-Day Foundation. Millwood, N.Y.: KTO Microform, 1979.

Minnesota Woman Suffrage Association Records, 1894-1923. Bethesda, Md.: University Publications of America, 1999- .
Overview from UPA

National Woman's Party Papers: The Suffrage Years, 1913-1920. Sanford, N.C.: Microfilming Corp. of America, 1981.

Papers of Carrie Chapman Catt. Washington, D.C.: Library of Congress, 1978.

The Papers of Edwin Doak & Lucia Ames Mead, 1876-1936. Wilmington, DE: Scholarly Resources, 1991. 11 microfilm reels.

The Papers of Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony. Wilmington, Del.: Scholarly Resources, 1991.

Papers of Hannah Clothier Hull, 1889-1958. Wilmington, DE: Scholarly Resources, 1991. 6 microfilm reels.

Women's Studies Manuscript Collections from the Schlesinger Library, Radcliffe College. Series 1: Woman's Suffrage. Bethesda, MD: University Publications of America, 1990- .
Review: Microform Review 24 (Summer 1995): 150-51.
Overview from UPA.

Women's Suffrage in Wisconsin. Bethesda, Md.: University Publications of America, 1989.
Reviewed by Genevieve G. McBride in Journal of American History (March 1993): 1704-1706.

Primary Sources: Selected Books

Bosch, Mineke, ed. Politics and Friendship: Letters from the International Woman Suffrage Alliance, 1902-1942. Columbus: Ohio State University Press, 1990.

Crew, Danny O. Suffragist Sheet Music: An Illustrated Catalog of Published Music Associated with the Women's Rights and Suffrage Movement in America, 1795-1921, with Complete Lyrics. Jefferson, NC: McFarland, 2002. 404p.

Langley, Winston E., and Vivian C. Fox, eds. Women's Rights in the United States: A Documentary History. Primary Documents in American History and Contemporary Issues Series. Westport, Conn.: Greenwood Press, 1994. 356p.

Ward, Jean M., and Elaine A. Maveety, eds. Yours for Liberty: Selections from Abigail Scott Duniway's Suffrage Newspaper. Corvallis: Oregon State University Press, 2000.
Duniway's writings for The New Northwest from 1871 to 1887.

Talking About Women's History

Dubois, Ellen. The 150th Anniversary of the Women's Rights Convention at Seneca Falls: A Talk with Ellen Dubois [online]. Talking History, 13 July 1998. Available from:

------. [Interview online]. Interviewed by Terry Gross. Fresh Air, 11 March 1998.
Dubois discusses her book, Harriot Stanton Blatch and the Winning of Woman Suffrage (Yale University Press).

Goldsmith, Barbara. [Interview online]. Interviewed by Terry Gross. Fresh Air, 11 March 1998.
Goldsmith discusses her book, Other Powers: The Age of Suffrage, Spiritualism, and the Scandalous Victoria Woodhull (Knopf).

Lumsden, Linda. Linda Lumsden on the Life and Times of Inez Milholland [online]. Talking History, 26 August 2004. Available from:

American Women's History: A Research Guide

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