American Women's Letters & Diaries: A Bibliography
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Extracts from Journal of Elizabeth Drinker, part of the African in America [PBS], includes Drinker's observations on the effects of the Yellow Fever epidemic of 1793.
See the theme issue on Elizabeth Drinker in Pennsylvania History 68 (October 2001).

The Elizabeth Murray Project [California State University, Long Beach] includes a variety of primary sources (letters, advertisements, portraits), an overview of Murray's life, and teaching resources.

Mrs. Mary Dewees's journal from Philadelphia to Kentucky is part of the The First American West: The Ohio River Valley, 1750-1820.
Dewees describes her journey from Philadelphia to Lexington, Kentucky. Dated Sept. 27, 1788-Feb. 11 1788 [i.e. 1789].

The Papers of John Jay include numerous letters to and from Jay's wife, Sarah.

Martha Ballard's Diary Online [DoHistory]
Ballard, a Maine midwife, wrote in her diary almost every day from January 1, 1785 to May 12, 1812.

Samuel & Sarah Wait Collection [Wake Forest University Library] includes Sarah [Sally] Wait's journal from 1815 to 1817.

Hannah Valentine and Lethe Jackson Slave Letters, 1837-1838 [Special Collections Library at Duke University]

Latta Family Letters, 1824-1830 [online]. Charlotte: University of North Carolina, 1999. Available from:

Patients' Voices in Early 19th Century Virginia Letters to Doct. Carmichael and Son [online]. Charlottesville: Claude Moore Health Sciences Library, University of Virginia, 2005. Available from:
The letters were written between 1819 and 1830.


The Abby Hill collection [The University of Puget Sound] includes Hill's diary from 1905, as well as 44 of her paintings.


From Pi Beta Phi to Arrowmont [online]. Knoxville: University of Tennessee Libraries, [2006]. Available from:
The Letters section of the site includes letters (and a diary) by Ruth Sturley from 1919. The Scrapbooks section includes photographs from this period.

Lillian Schoedler (1891-1963) [online]. In Women Working, 1800-1930. Cambridge, Mass.: Harvard University Library, 2005. In her 1914 diary, Schoedler describes her work as a secretary in New York City, her social life, and her athletic activities.

Peggy Bacon Papers Online includes correspondence about Bacon's life as an art student and artist at Port Jefferson, Long Island (1914), at the Art Student's League in New York City (1915-1920), summers in Provincetown, Massachusetts (1915-1917), and the Woodstock artists' colony (1919-1927).


Coffee, Doughnuts and a Witty Line of Chatter: The Photos and Letters of Helen Stevenson Meyner in Japan and Korea, 1950-1952 [ Lafayette College Special Collections and College Archives]
Includes over twenty photographs and short excerpts from Meyner's letters to her family.


Freedom Riders and the Albany Movement In Music of Social Change. Atlanta: Emory University, [2005].
Joan Browning was among the SNCC workers who were jailed in Albany, Georgia for demonstrating at bus and train stations. This site features letters and notes that Browning wrote on papers towels and tissue while in jail.

Roxcy Bolton, Pioneer Feminist [Florida Memory Project] includes an overview of Bolton's work for women's rights, pro and con letters about the "men only" lunch sections, photographs of Bolton, and lesson plans for grades 7-9.

American Women's Letters & Diaries: A Bibliography

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