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Historians use bibliographies to quickly determine which books, journal articles and other documents are available about a specific topic. The researcher can find additional bibliographies by 1) searching the various indexes described on the previous page 2) looking in the bibliography section of scholarly books, and 3) using the Internet, where a growing number of useful bibliographies can be found.


The American Historical Association's Guide to Historical Literature (R016.9 Am3g 1995 v.1-2) Citations and annotations to almost 27,000 of the "finest and most useful books and articles available in every field of historical literature." Peruse the index (Vol.II) and note the excellent coverage of women's history.

United States Government Documents on Women, 1800-1990: A Comprehensive Bibliography (305.4 H878u)

Women: A Bibliography of Bibliographies (R301.412 B18w)

Women's Studies: A Bibliography of Dissertations, 1870-1982 (R305.4 G372w)


Women in American History: A Bibliography (R301.412 H24wo v.1-2) This set includes abstracts taken from the index, America: History & Life; volume I includes 3400 abstracts for 1964 to 1977; volume II includes 3700 abstracts for 1978 to 1984.

America's White Working-Class Woman: A Historical Bibliography (305.56 K38a) 1981

American Indian Women: A Guide to Research (920.72 B31a) 1991

The American South: A Historical Bibliography (R975 Am3 v.1-2)

Appalachian Women: An Annotated Bibliography (305.40974 F24a) 1981

Bibliography of Southern Women (305.4 B47) 1990

The Female Experience in Eighteenth- and Nineteenth-Century America: A Guide to the History of American Women (305.4 C76f 1985)

Victorian American Women, 1840-1880: An Annotated Bibliography (1990)

Women and Feminism in American History: A Guide to Info. Sources (305.4 T49w)

Women in America: A Guide to Books, 1963-1975 (R305.4 H11w)

Women in American Religious History: An Annotated Bibliography ...(291.016 B29w)


Women in Antiquity: An Annotated Bibliography (R301.412 G63w) 1975

Women in the Sixteenth Century: A Bibliography (270.6 W63w) 1983

Women in the Third World: A Historical Bibliography (305.408 B996w) 1986

Women in Western European History (R305.4 F898w v.1-2 & Suppl.)

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