Tennessee History: A Guide to Primary Sources
Oak Ridge National Laboratory
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Digital Collections

David E. Lilienthal on Oak Ridge and Atomic Energy (1949) [online]. In Talking History, 23 September 2004. Available from: http://www.albany.edu/talkinghistory/arch2004july-december.html.

ORNL Historical Photo Gallery [online]. Oak Ridge: Oak Ridge National Laboratory, n.d. Available from: http://www.ornl.gov/history/historical_photo.htm.
Historical photos on early Oak Ridge are organized into the following categories: "Clinton Engineer Works" (now ORNL), "Department of Energy Collection," "Famous Visitors to ORNL," "Graphite Reactor," "Wheat Community,"and "New Bethel Baptist Church and communities in the Bethel Valley area."

ARC: Archival Resource Catalog [online]. Washington, DC: National Archives & Records Administration, [2002-]. Available from: http://www.archives.gov/research_room/arc/index.html.
Enter Oak Ridge Operations Office as a search term. This search retrieves images of documents that the Atomic Energy Commission used to promote peaceful uses of atomic energy.

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Tennessee History: A Guide to Primary Sources