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The minor in Latin American studies requires eighteen semester credit hours. The courses selected must come from at least three different academic departments. All students minoring in Latin American Studies are required to complete SPAN/GEOG/ART/ANTH/SOC/PS 2105 Introduction to Latin American Studies.

While the minor in Latin American Studies currently requires 6 hours of Spanish or equivalent language study, students are encouraged to take more Spanish courses in order to develop basic conversational fluency. In addition, study abroad is strongly encouraged because it provides the student with total cultural immersion.



In addition, all students are required to complete Intermediate Spanish II (SPAN 2020) or the equivalent. SPAN 2010, 2020 cannot count for both Spanish major and a Latin American Studies minor. SPAN 2010 and SPAN 2020 may count for the B.A degree language requirement.

Language credits may be earned at MTSU or on an approved overseas program, or transferred from another accredited college or university. Alternatively, students may satisfy the language requirement by examination (a placement test), demonstrating a level of competence equivalent to two years of college Spanish or Portuguese. Students whose native language is either Spanish or Portuguese may substitute equivalent competence in English in lieu of this requirement.

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