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Welcome to the ODK Circle of MTSU!!

The MTSU ODK Circle Updates

ODK Circle 2015 Spring Initiation
Tuesday ~ April 21 ~ 6:00 pm

Simmons Amphitheatre ~ Room 106
University Honors College


Sign up NOW!!!
Deadline ~ 4 pm ~ Wednesday, April 1

ODK Team for "The Big Event"
Saturday ~ April 11 ~ 10am-2pm

Simmons Amphitheatre ~ Room 106
University Honors College

More details.     The ODK Big Event flyer.


ODK True Blue Leadership Day 2015
Friday ~ April 10, 2015

Simmons Amphitheatre ~ Room 106
University Honors College

Make reservations NOW!
ODK True Blue Leadership Day
is open to
ALL MTSU students.
Session times are coordinated with class schedule.
You may register for any of the six sessions.

Seating is limited.

Session information here.

Please email susan.lyons@mtsu.edu or call 898-5645.



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Thank you!!
The ODK Circle at MTSU is sponsored by the
University Honors College.


Circle Officers ------------------

Trevor Moyo

2014-15 President
Trevor Moyo

2014-15 Vice President
Larissa Wolf
2014-15 Secretary
Birgit Northcutt
2014-15 Public Liaison
Nominations open.
2014-15 Program Coordinator
Nominations open.
2014-15 Volunteer Coordinator
Nominations open.
Faculty Coordinator
Susan Lyons
Faculty Secretary
Associate Dean Philip Phillips
Faculty Advisor
Dean John R. Vile

Officer contact information.

Member Notices ---------------

Nominations are open for Circle Officer positions - public liaison, program coordinator, and volunteer coordinator. Please nominate by sending an email to mtsuodk@mtsu.edu. If you are interested in an office, please let us know. We expect your involvement, but are considerate of work loads. Please do not hesitate to serve if you are interested. (Looks good on the resume too!)

Please submit the new school year's dues (local=$10) to ODK @ Honors College, Box 267. These monies will help maintain quality programs for both you and future Circle members. Use of the dues will include discounts on future National student memberships - but only if you help support us!

Scholarship, Grants and Awards -------------------------

Visit: ODK Opportunities

MTSU Opportunity------------

The Institute of Leadership Excellence (May of each year) is a great opportunity for student leaders. Check it out: Institute of Leadership Excellence.


MTSU ODK Circle Application
(Download pdf file.)


Get involved!


The MTSU Circle gives sophomores the opportunity to be involved by accepting them as Squires. This gives sophomores time to build leadership skills and serve locally before their junior year.
Squires are initiated into the Circle during regular ceremonies.
Nominations may be emailed to mtsuodk@mtsu.edu.
New Member Tappings

Application forms (download pdf) Look in your download folder after clicking. Visit our Members page for more info. Please fill out the forms completely to give the Nomination Committee as much pertinent information as possible.
Chartering the Circle

On April 30, 2010, fifty dedicated educators, students, and Honoris Causa participated in an inaugural ceremony creating a new chapter of the National Omicron Delta Kappa Honor Society on the MTSU campus.
Our Members Shine!

ODK members are active in campus events, volunteer their time and energy, study hard, participate in research, win scholarships, and write theses. Read news stories about them: Local News