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At the Trailhead in the Spring


There is much to look at along the tree trail in spring.  Many trees are flowering, and the wildflowers along the trail are at their peak.  Some of the tree species, and some of the wildflower species, flower quite early (mid to late March).  Eastern Redbuds flower before they leaf out, and many of the species have flowers that do not persist long.  For these reasons, it is better to make multiple visits.  There are neotropical bird migrants in the trees during much of the spring, and they add their voices to those of the resident birds. 

The Trailhead in Spring

It is important to bring along a pair of binoculars not only for the migrant birds, but also to better see some of the tree flowers  high in the canopy.  If you forgot your hand lens, you can also turn them around and look through them backwards as a magnifying glass.

Cumberland Spurge

As you walk up the slight incline towards Station One, be sure to look for wildflowers along the sides of the trail.  The Cumberland Spurge, shown at right, has a flower that is only about one-third of an inch in diameter, and is best appreciated with a hand lens.  It is found in rich woods on the Cumberland Plateau and in Middle and East Tennessee.



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