Four Season Virtual Tree Trail

At the Trailhead in the Summer


Summer is an interesting time to be hiking the Tree Trail.  Many tree fruits are maturing at this time.  Wildflowers are still common along the trail.  Breeding birds are raising their young, and you may see or hear young and newly fledged birds.  Gray Treefrogs call from the tree canopy.  Reptiles like the Eastern Fence Lizard  scurry from the sides of the trail.  Midsummer walks are often accompanied by the raspy calls of Cicadas, and at  dusk you begin to hear the great insect orchestras.

The Trailhead in Summer

At the trailhead, note the Sugar Maples to the left of the trail and the stand of Eastern Hophornbeams on the right.  From the trailhead the trail will follow the east slope of the ridge, climbing towards Station One.


Note the many limestone outcrops on the left of the trail as walk along.  Many of the trees and shrubs here thrive in limestone rich areas.  Take time to stop and listen to the sounds of the forest.  The forest here is a dry upland oak-hickory forest.  You will want to compare the tree species you see here to the species that occur in the moister areas along the banks of the West Fork of the Stones River.


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