P325: The Psychology of Learning

  Syllabus for Fall 1998

General Information
Instructor: Dr. Patrick McCarthy
Office:  Crestview 017
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Dr. McCarthy's Resource Center / Playground
for Industrial & Organizational Psychology

Text:  Chance, P. (1999).  Learning and Behavior (4th ed.).
Pacific Grove, CA:  Brooks/Cole.

Why an entire course on learning?
What aspects of learning will we cover in this course?
Okay, but how will this class be organized...and by the way, what about that little matter of grading?

*Schedule of Topics, Reading Assignments & Exams
   September 3 - October 1
   October 6 - November 5
                November 10- December 15
*Schedule and assignments are tentative and subject to change at the instructor's discretion.

If you need classroom accomodations or materials in an alternate format due to a disability, please see Dr. McCarthy after class or during office hours within the first two weeks of class.

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