P390: Computers & Psychology
 Fall 1997 Syllabus
Mondays 7:30-10:00pm
Instructor:  Dr. Patrick McCarthy
IUS Office: Crestview 017,   Phone: 941-2264
Office Hours:   M 7-7:30pm;   T 11-12, 7-7:30pm;   Th 12-1;
                        or by appointment
E-mail: pmccarth@iusmail.ius.indiana.edu

Course Outline 
This course will familiarize you with the use of the internet as a resource for study in psychology.  Since this resource changes so rapidly, we will focus on developing competency and confidence so your skills can grow as this resource grows.

Hold on, there's more!  You'll not only learn to use the net as a research tool, you are going to help develop the IUS Psychology Homepage and a webpage for a psychology area of particular interest to you (as a semester-long small group project).

Lucky you, there's still more value for your tuition dollar!!  You'll also spend the semester exploring how computers have had an impact on a psychology topic of interest to you individually.  You'll scour research journals, books, and the internet (of course) to become our class expert on the topic of your choosing.  After writing a paper on your topic, you will give a presentation at the end of the semester.  Along the way you'll learn about other ways computers have had an impact in psychology from your classmates' research of the literature.

One final word (or two):  This class will be conducted seminar-style, which means your active participation will be expected throughout.  It will also offer plenty of opportunities to tailor this course toward things you find to be most interesting and enable you to seek help where you need it most.  You'll keep pretty busy outside of class too, especially at the start of the semester...so that we can swiftly get up to speed and organized to help things go more smoothly later in the semester.

It should be quite a little adventure for us this semester...not just hard work, but plenty of fun too!  Enjoy!!! 
Tentative Course Schedule
(subject to change at instructor's discretion)
Sept. 8 Introduction to the Internet & Navigating Basics 
*Read chapters 1, 4, 5 
*In class: course intro; discuss internet basics; initiate paper topic ideas
Sept. 15 Searching the Internet & Distinguishing Quality from Junk Psy Sites 
*Read chapter 6 
*Find 5 psychology-related sites you particularly like and would recommend 
  to others 
    --for each:  write down full URL address and 2-4 sentence description of 
      why you think it is a good site  
*Identify paper topic idea and write 1 paragraph description 
*In class: quiz on readings; discuss search strategies & psych resources; 
  junk/pop psy sites versus quality info sites; discuss paper topic ideas
Sept. 22 Psy Net Resources & Exploring the Impact of Computers in Psych 
*For each of the following 6 psych areas, provide a URL and description of 
  at least one quality site:  a) clinical,  b) cognitive,  c) developmental,  
  d) social,  e) industrial-organizational,  f) physio/bio/neuropsych,  
  behavioral genetics, or other area of experimental psychology 
*Paper topic & initial references due (5 journal articles minimum: full APA 
  citation & photocopy of first page for each) 
*In class: form project groups; discuss projects (including general steps in  
  webpage design); discuss papers
Sept. 29 Webpage Design Basics with Netscape Composer, WP8, & HTML 
*Read chapter 7 
*Bring examples of webpages with good design styles 
*In class: webpage design basics; working with IUS faculty on projects
Oct. 6 More Webpage Design Basics 
*Paper internet search findings due 
*Project groups: initial outline for webpage 
*In class: design basics; developing group projects
Oct. 13 Webpage Design Special Topics 
*Bring faculty input for projects to class 
*Group projects: webpage draft due 
*In class: present project drafts; discuss design issues
Oct. 20 Integrating Psy Net Resources 
*Bring IUS Psy homepage recommendations 
*In class: develop IUS Psy homepage
Oct. 27 Research on Computers in Psychology 
*Paper draft due 
*In class: discuss impact of computers in various areas of psychology 
*After class: cheer for the Green Bay Packers :)
Nov. 3 PsychoNet Styling & Content Quality Refinement 
*New and improved project webpages due
Nov. 10 IUS Psychology + Continued Research on Computers & Psychology
*Individual meetings with Dr. McCarthy about paper, Nov. 5-10
*IUS Psy Homepage due in class
Nov. 17 Best of Psychology on the Net 
*Webpage projects (final version) due 
*In class: group presentations of projects; discussion on psy net resources
Nov. 24 Impact of Computers on Key Issues in Psychology 
*Research paper (final version) due
Dec. 1 Research on Computers in:  
   Physio/Bio/Neuropsych & Other Areas of Experimental Psych 
   Developmental Psychology 
   Clinical Psychology 
*Paper presentations 
*After class: cheer for the Green Bay Packers :)
Dec. 8 Research on Computers in: 
   Clinical Psychology 
   Social Psychology 
   Industrial-Organizational Psychology 
*Paper presentations
Course Grading 
    Assignments/Quizzes = 40%
    Webpage Project = 25%
    Paper & Presentation = 35%

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