Dr. Patrick McCarthy's
I/O Psychology
Overview Notes

What is Industrial/Organizational Psychology?

Topics of Study

Industrial side: (sometimes called "personnel psychology")

Organizational side:

Any difficulty seeing the relevance of this field to human resources management?

Where do I/O psychologists work?

How become I/O psychologist?

What opportunities for Bachelor's, vs. Master's, vs. Doctorate degrees?

What's it take to get into an I/O graduate program?

  • obviously, a strong academic record
  • Doctoral programs most competitive; Master's still expect consistent, positive track record
  • research experience a big plus, and often essential for doctoral programs

  • experience, such as internships, always a plus
  • start preparing early . . . during sophomore & junior years . . . do not wait until senior year
  • More questions about I/O Psychology?

    The Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology offers an additional brief description about what I/O psychologists do.
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