2005 Festival Grand Entry

Bird's eye view of circle before Grand Entry.

Grand Entry Circle of Dancers, Saturday, March 5, 2005

Saturday, March 5, 2005, Grand Entry

Tsalagi Warriors Color Guard from Cherokee, NC


Veteran flag and Eagle Staff carriers

  Veterans  Veterans

Veterans  Veterans
Above and below: Veterans
Above and below: Veterans
Veterans  Veterans

 Head Dancers  Junior Head Dancers
Left: Head Dancers Siouxsan Robinson (Lakota/Blackfoot)
and Randy Solomon (Choctaw)
Right: Junior Head Dancers Nikki Bell (Choctaw)
And Travis Lovett (Cherokee)

  MTSU Royalty
MTSU Royalty
Left: Junior MIss MTSU 2004 Jovvonna Braveheat (Lakota)
Right: Little Miss MTSU 2003-2004 Kalenud Ledford (Cherokee)

Above: Some of our Fancy Dancers

Above: Some of our Ladies Traditional Dancers

Jingle Dancers
Above: Some of our Jingle Dancers

Tiny Tots
Above: Some of our Tiny Tots

In 2005 we hosted over 300 dancers from 14 states.
Eleven drums set-up and we made sure they all got to sing!!
We thank each and every one of the participants for joining us in our Celebration.

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