2005 Men's Grass Dancers

Jackie Ross  Jackie Ross
Above and below: Jackie Ross (Cherokee)
Jackie Ross  Jackie Ross


Daniel Homan  Daniel Homan  Daniel Homan
Above and below: Daniel Homan
Daniel Homan  Daniel Homan

Daniel Homan  Daniel Homan  Daniel Homan

Daniel Homan  Daniel Homan

Danny Garneaux  Danny Garneaux  Danny Garneaux
Visit our special photo montage dedicated to the Grass Dance
as performed by Lakota Danny Garneaux.

Shaun Hedgecoth  Shaun Hedgecoth  Shaun Hedgecoth
Above: Shaun Hedgecoth

Lonnie Stinnett    Lonnie Stinnett
Above: Lonnie Stinnett

    Alex Gouin
Above right: Alex Gouin


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