2005 Men's Traditional Dancers, page two

Jose Rico Mayo  Jose Rico Mayo  Jose Rico Mayo
Above: Jose Rico Moya (Aztec)

Charles Robinson  Charles Robinson
Above and below: Charles Robinson (Choctaw)
Charles Robinson  Charles Robinson  Charles Robinson

Kenny Petty  Kenny Petty
Above and below: Kenny Petty
Kenny Petty  Kenny Petty

James Ledford  James Ledofrd James Ledford
Above: James Ledford (Cherokee)

  Jeff Kemp  Jeff Kemp
Above: Jeff Kemp

Doug Naisef  Doug Naisef
Above: Doug Naisef

William Knight  Ted Schultz  Ted Schultz
Above left: William Knight            Above right: Ted Schultz

Jason Thigpen  Jason Thigpen
Above and below: Jason Thigpen
Jason Thigpen  Jason Thigpen

Scott Collier  Scott Collier  Scott Collier
Above: Scott Collier

Gazer Banta   Scott Collier and Gazer Banta

Jason Thigpen   Jason Thigpen  Jason Thigpen
Above: Jason Thigpen

Keith Anderson    

Randy Solomon  Jackie Ross  Donnie Ross

James Ledford  Doug Naisef  

  Jeff Kemp  Charles Robinson  Jason Thigpen  Kenny Petty

Traditional Dancers

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