2005 Festival School Day

Thousands of students from across Middle Tennessee have visited the American Indian Festival at MTSU. Each year new attractions are added to enhance the educational and interactive value of our program. All of our dancers, artists and performers are kid-friendly and we encourage interaction and audience participation throughout School Day. Yes, your students will learn about culture, history, crafts, arts, and lifeways from American Indian educators through music, storytelling, demonstrations, and exhibitions - but they will also join in - this is a participation field trip!

Above and below: Exhibition Dancing
  Kalenud Ledford    Travis Lovett

  Fancy shawl Dancer
Above and below: Fancy Shawl Dance as performed by Kate Jolly

Above and below: Happy Painted Faces!!

Above right: Storyteller William Harjo (Creek)

Bowyer Jimmy Taylor  Bowyer Jimmy Taylor
Above and below: Bowyer Jimmy Taylor instructs students in proper bow technique


Students  Students

Above and below: Students enter the circle and join our dancers.

Above: Educators Anthony Martin and Charles Robinson answer questions

  Aztec Fire Dance
Above: Aztec Fire Dance by Jose Rico Moya

Above left: Drummaker Karen Lancaster demonstrating handdrum
Above right: Andes folk music with Calixto Cordova

Above: Traditional drumming and singing by Bad Water

Above l to r: Flutist Mike Serna, Folk Artist Puppeteer David Null and Native Educator J J Kent

Potter Mary Newman
Above: Potter Mary Newman demonstrates techniques

Lakota Lodge Interior
Above: Interior of award-winning late 1800s Lakota style lodge by educator Tim Dean

MC Scott Crisp (Cherokee) with students

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