2005 Festival Volunteers

Each and every one of these folks are vital to our production.
Our students and faculty were actually on Spring Break - but came to help anyway.
Our friends and family just pitch-in along side us - year after year!
Some hard-working neighbors show up at the beginning of the Festival -
and disappear after the Festival - every year.
There are just not enough thank yous to cover all the help they give us.
Our photographers caught a few of their faces for our album -
tell them thanks the next time you see them!!

Ticket volunteers

Ticket sales

Program Sales

Back door tickets  Mike

Back door lurkers  Crew

Office Staff

Office staff  

Security  Security

Food line  Galley

Bill  Secret shopper and friend

Secret shoppers

Office staff  Hydration time


Office  Bill and Scott  crew

Late nite crew

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