2005 Women's Buckskin Dancers

Bobbie Orr  Bobbie Orr
Above: Bobbie Orr (Salish/Kootenai)

  Bobbie Orr  Marta Vickers
Above left: Amy Cantrell       Above right: Marta Vickers

Michelle Ann Walcott  
Above left: Michelle Walco

Tami Barnick    Lois Cockrell
Above l to r: Tami Barnick, TBA and Lois Cockrill

Siouxsan Robinson    Siouxsan Robinson
Above l and r: Head Lady Siouxsan Robinson (Blackfoot/Lakota)

Bobbie Orr  Siouxsan Robinson  

Susan Welker  Nuquesi Glasletter  Nancy Sterling
Above l to r: Susan Welker, Nuquesi Glasletter and Nanct Sterling

Ellen Rasco  Monika Ponton Arrington
Above: l to r: Ellen Rasco, Monika Arrington, and TBA

Linda Veal  Susan McDonald  Jacqueline Hicks-Burris
Above l to r: Linda Veal, Susan McDonald, and Jacqueline Hicks-Burris

Mayola Maize  Siouxsan Robinson  Michelle Ann Walcott
Above l to r: Mayola Maize, Siouxsan Robinson, and Michelle Ann Walco

Ladies Buckskin Group  Lois Cockrell

Siouxsan Robinson
Above: Head Lady Siouxsan Robinson

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