2005 Women's Cloth Dancers

  Lula Ledford  Virginia Barnett-Crawford
Above l to r: TBA, Lula Ledford (Cherokee) and Virginia Barnett-Crawford

Vicki Collins  Wanda Sue Lewis  
Above left and center: Vicki Collins and Wanda Sue Lewis
Above right: Helen Martin Brings Plenty (Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians)

Kelly Mayes  
Above left: Kelly Mayes

Tracey Francine Mason  Ellen Rasco  Tracey Francine Mason
Above l to r: Tracey Francine Mason, Ellen Rasco and Tracey Francine Mason

Minnie Ledford    Christy Lynn Collins
Above l to r: Minnie Ledford (Cherokee), TBA and Christy Lynn Collins

  Virginia Barnett-Crawford  
Above center: Virginia Barnett-Crawford


Rose Behan  Kelly Mayes
Above: Rose Behan and Kelly Mayes

  Lula Ledford
Above right: Lula Ledford (Cherokee)

Bobbie Orr  Kimberly Martin  Charlotte Lawrence
Above center: Kimberly Martin     Right: Charlotte Lawrence

Marta Vickers and Paula Hicks Wood  
Above left: Marta Vickers and Paula Hicks Wood

  Sheila Jones
Above right: Sheila Jones

Minnie Ledford  

Vicki Collins  Stephanie Danielle Lewis and Wanda Sue Lewis
Above l to r: Vicki Collins, Stephanie Danielle Lewis and Wanda Sue Lewis

  Audrey Katherine Lemley  Bernice Carter
Above center and right: Audrey Katherine Lemley and Bernice Carter

  Becky Briggs  Christy Lynn Collins
Above cener and right: Becky Briggs and Christy Lynn Collins

  Cheryl Ann Hopkins    Cheryl Ann Hopkins
Above right: Cheryl Ann Hopkins

  Ellen Gowen  Rita England
Above center and left: Ellen Gowen and Rita England

Ellen Rasco  Charlotte Lawrence
Ellen Rasco and Charlotte Lawrence

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