2005 Women's Jingle Dress Dancers

Madeline Drescher  Stephanie Lewis
Above: 115 Stephanie Lewis
Below: Madeline Drescher
Madeline Drescher  Madeline Drescher  Madeline Drescher

Melissa Corbine  Emily Shoemake  Kate Jolly
Above l to r: Melissa Corbine, Emily Shoemake and Kate Jolly

    Julie E. Ray
Above left and center: Kate Jolly     Right: Julie E. Ray

Melissa Corbine and Julie E. Ray  Madeline Drescher  Nikki Bell
Above right:Junior Head Daner Nikki Bell (Choctaw)

Julie E. Ray    

Nikki Bell  Nikki Bell
Above: Junior Head Dancer: Nikki Bell (Choctaw)

Wanda Renita Still  Wanda Renita Still  Wanda Renita Still
Above: Maya Crawford

Brittany Michelle Woods  Brittany Michelle Woods  Brittany Michelle Woods
Above: Brittany Michelle Woods

  Melissa Corbine and Julie E. Ray  

Melissa Corbine  Melissa Corbine  Melissa Corbine
Above: Melissa Corbine

Melissa Corbine    Wanda Renita Still

  Wanda Renita Still  Maya Naomi Crawford  Maya Naomi Crawford

      Nikki Bell  Wanda Renita Still

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