2008 Indian Traders Market and Village:
Featured Artists, Special Guests, and Demonstrators

Dan Townsend Shell Gorget  Dan Townsend Shell Gorget
Shell Gorgets by Creek-Cherokee artisan Dan Townsend
American Traditions
Joey Pierce (Cherokee/Shawnee) - Original design silver and turquoise jewelry including men's cuff style bracelets. Veterans' patches, caps and insignia.
Ampa Aiasha
Sally's Ampa Aiasha "Eating Place" (Choctaw) - Come hungry and enjoy the Native food while at our Festival! Don't miss the traditional frybread or Indian tacos and definitely go by Sally's to check out her frybread with smoked sausage (you can stop laughing now). She will also be serving frybread with apples and corn hominy. [Archaeological studies indicate that corn was cultivated in the Americas at least 5600 years ago and the probable center of origin is the Central American and Mexico region. ]
Alliance for Native American Indian Rights - A non-profit organization that seeks to increase awareness, educate and inform the public about culturally sensitive and significant issues, artifacts, and places. Literature distribution and t-shirts.

Ancient Hands Ancient Hands Ancient Hands
Ancient Hands
John Martin Haythorn - Contemporary artist (pottery), sculptor, ethnographic artist, and art educator. Ancient Hands Gallery presents The Art of America's First People: museum-quality replicas and reproductions of the most significant Native American artifacts found in the Southeast plus original, one-of-a-kind contemporary works of art in the Southeastern Native American tradition. Visit the website.
Ancient Way Trader
Margie Detring (Cherokee/Oneida) - Carved jewelry, totem animals, and art.

Rex Begaye
Rex Begaye - The images of full-blooded Diné artist Rex A. Begaye speak of the universal connection of Mother Earth, Father Sky and man. Rex's art celebrates the sacredness and discipline of the Diné culture, lending a contemporary outlook to the ancient traditions. To see his paintings is to span from days of long ago to the edge of tomorrow. Begaye's Website
Melanie Bender
Melanie Bender (Mohave) - Melanie will be demonstrating the art of beadwork during the festival. The intricate and delicate designs are time-consuming and require a steady hand and quiet mind. Stop by and chat with her and her family as she works on her newest creations.
Choctaw Crafts
Located next to Sally's Ampa Aiasha. Handmade beadwork and craft items.

Ron Colombe's CD  Ron Colombe's Book
Ron Colombe
Ron Colombe (Sicangu Lakota/Rosebud Sioux) - Spoken word artist, narrator poet and published author. Ron can tell you exactly what happens to Indians if they are deprived of beans and fry bread - it is a shocking revelation!
Creative Native
Robert Peaslee (Ojibwe/Seminole) - Native music recordings - a huge selection - he knows the artists and can help you find what you need. Publisher.

Educator Tim Deane
Tim Deane
Tim Deane - Lecturer, educator and demonstrator. Award winning fully furnished fourteen foot Lakota lodge. Many of the authentic tribal articles in the tipi were made by Tim and have been on display at numerous festivals and regional and national museums. Children are invited to enter, sit and listen to his cultural presentation on plains lifetsyle.

Ron Colombe Bead Necklace  Ron Colombe Featherwork
Bead and feather work by Sioux artisan Ron Colombe
Eagle Feather Designs
Ron (Sicangu Lakota/Rosebud Sioux) and Kit Colombe - Original design beadwork, silver, candles, herbs, incense, smudges, books, and crafts. Stop by and pick up one of Ron's books - open it just about anywhere and read a half page or so - bet you can't leave without it!

Exotic Points by Tom Detrick   Exotic Point Knife Display by Tom Detrick
Detrick Artifacts
Tom Detrick - Primitve skills instructor, lecturer, researcher, and designer of museum style artwork displays. Specializing in Southeastern pre-Columbian cultures, and bone, horn and stone tool making. Eccentric forms of blades, points, knives, and daggers hafted (with handles) and mounted in natural settings.

David EveningthunderDavid EveningthunderDavid Eveningthunder
David Eveningthunder
Award-winning Shoshone artist David Eveningthunder believes that "the exchange of culture, the camaraderie between different tribes helps to form a stronger bond and cohesive foundation for our children. My art is paying tribute to the contemporary Indian dancers who are keeping the traditions of our ancestors alive. I feel that the modern-day Pow Wow brings about important social interchange between the nemah (We People) and di-eeh vohn (White People)." Website one    Website two
Lurch Pagan (Taino) - Handmade Native crafts, sculpture and merchandise.
Nelson Garcia
Nelson Garcia is a gold and silversmith from Santo Domingo Pueblo. [Santa Domingo is known for jewelry, beautiful stone inlay work, colorful shell mosaics, and heishi, or shell beads. There is a similarity in their jewelry today to that of their Anasazi ancestors, demonstrating the adherence to tradition.] Nelson has won many awards from prominent Indian Markets including the Santa Fe Indian Market, Red Earth, Eiteljorg Museum Indian Market and the Tulsa Indian Arts Festival. Visit Nelson at Eye of the Native.com

Ronnie Hazlett
USMC Veteran Ronnie Hazlett is a Field Archaeologist and Lithic Analyst at the University of Kentucky. Ronnie demonstrates and teaches flintnapping at events and gatherings. He will be flint knapping through out the Festival and is happy to answer questions about the process. Also check out Mary Hazlett's gourd work. Visit Ronnie's flintknapping website.

Marilyn Huey Basketweaver
Marilyn Huey
Marilyn Huey (Cherokee) - Contemporary and traditional basket weaving. Watch a master weave a work of art - special guest demonstrator. Marilyn has allowed visiting children to help her construct a special basket every year that she then presents as a gift to the Festival. Stop by her booth and visit - her demonstration will be on-going.
IT Element
Roberto (Mayan) and Della Garcia (Incan) - Contemporary silver jewelry with original design coin and elaborate shell work.

Barbara Johnson
Dance shawls, ribbon dresses and ribbon shirts including plus sizes. [Ribbon shirts were originally made of trade cloth and fashioned as gifts to honor warriors and tribal leaders. Sometimes imagery was included in the design to depict special events in a person's life. The shirts can become very flaunty and today are worn mainly at celebrations.]

Indian Tacos
Lacie's Frybread
Cubert and Lacie Bell and Family (Choctaw) - Don't leave the Festival without trying the frybread! Lacie makes some of the best - the Indian tacos are awesome too!
Laughing Sisters Trading Company
Ann Davenport (Cherokee) - Leather merchandise and supplies.

Makiowa Flute and Drums
Karen Lancaster - Traditional handmade flutes, leathercraft and drums of all kinds.

Malkuri (Golden Condor)
Jaime Chavez and Calixto Cordova (Inka) - Malkuri is a group of self-taught musicians and craftsmen from the highlands of Ecuador who travel to promote the beauty of the Native Andes culture. They interpret the message of the Spirits through the beautiful and ethereal vocals of the Kichwa Inka language. Jaime Chavez and Calixto Cordova will perform lively renditions of this joyful folk music from their homeland in Latin America. Visit our Native Talent Stage and don't miss their craft booth.

Percy Medina Gourd Art
Percy Medina
Percy Medina (Quechua/Peru) - Hand engraved and adorned mate gourds with intricate and detailed realistic designs, figures, and animals reflecting both his Andean heritage and other Native culture motifs. His work is on display in the Smithsonian and he is recognized as one of the most talented gourd artists of his generation.
Meherrin Trader
Our friend and fellow traveler Andrew Hunter has passed on to the next world (11/25/07). He was an award-winning artist, an honest and forthright gentleman, and a friend who donated much to our festival. His memory will be cherished by those who knew him.
MicMac Chef
Andrea Hunter (MicMac) - Andrea plus Julian and Duwane Hunter (Andrew's kids) will be serving up chili, tacos, ribs, buffalo, and venison. Welcome them warmly - Andrea has been cooking for hungry folks up north for a long time. We're proud to have them join us!
Native Andes Center
Jaime Chavez and Calixto Cordova (Malkuri/Inka) - South American clothing, crafts, toys, jewelry, and products.
Native Flutes
Ken Johnson (Cherokee) - Traditonal flutemaker. One of the friendliest folks you will ever meet - stop by and chat!!
Billy Marlow Enterprises
Fresh roasted corn, loaded baked potatoes, baked sweet potatoes, and homemade lemonade. [The potato was cultivated more than 6,000 years ago near Titicaca Lake, on the border between Perú and Bolivia in the Andean Mountains where the Aymara Indians developed over two hundred varieties on the Titicaca Plateau at elevations above 10,000 feet. Christopher Columbus carried lemon seeds from Europe to the New World in 1493 and now about one quarter of the worlds lemons are grown in the USA.]
Mary T. Newman
Mary T. Newman - Traditional and contemporary pottery (specializing in pitfiring) and educator. Kids may go by her booth and get a hands on lesson in building a clay pot - Demonstrator.

Nez B's Indian Jewelry
Niles and Jean Aseret (Dine{Navajo}) - Traditional and contemporary handmade silver jewelry and original design intricate beadwork.

Mark Norton
Mark Norton - Flintknapper, professional archaeologist (TDOT), published author, and demonstrator. Mark and other flintknappers will be "breaking rocks" and showing folks how special tools were made from stone. Gather round the group and watch them create!
Point of Interest
Steven Whipker and Sharon Rainbolt - Antique trade beads, beading supplies and merchandise.

SE Woodpecker Embroidery by Powwow Threads Eagle Embroidery by Powwow Threads Powwow Threads Logo
Powwow Threads
Southern Colors (Cherokee) - Twill and denim shirts; cow hide, lamb and poplin jackets; oil cloth dusters; denim vests, caps, and more all embroidered in brilliant original Native art design. High-quality materials for years of wear. Huge selection of styles and sizes.

Lara Sanders
Lara Sanders - Specializing in pine needle baskets, Lara will be demonstrating her techniques in her booth. Stop by and visit - the demonstration will be on-going.

   Music In My Soul
Mike Serna
Mike Serna (Mescalero Apache/Gabrieleno) - Musician, songwriter and flutemaker. Performing artist. Mike's mix of traditional Native American flute with contemporary musical styles creates an ethereal, soothing ambiance which presents to the listener his passion for Native heritage and culture. Check out his newest cd!
Silver Lace
Grayce and Richard Wolcott (Ottowa) - Original design, handmade fine silver and precious stone jewelry.
Silver Phoenix Indian Trading Post
James "Grayhawk" and Beth Armagost - Grayhawk design jewelry, Pendleton blankets.
Sioux Territory Trader
Woody Richards (Oglala Lakota) - Specializing in Northern Plains style high-quality reproduction work with items including wooden spirit horse carvings, Sioux personal deed shirts, Society shirts, Ghost Dance shirts, beadwork, parfletch, hand drums, two-sided drums, and powwow drums.
Spirit of the Hawk
Bill Rymer (Cherokee) - Handmade Native crafts, art, sculpture, and merchandise.
Taylor Selfbows Archery
Jim Taylor (Choctaw/Cherodee) - Master bowyer, affordable and sturdy handcarved bows. Jim is a friendly demonstrator who will be glad to share his knowledge with you. No matter how many bows he brings - he always sells out - get yours early!

Frank "Standing Eagle" Taylor
Frank Taylor (Cherokee) - Handmade and individually signed flutes, pipes and knives. A native of Tennessee, his music was featured in "Postcards from Tennessee," a DVD documentary of historical information about the Trail of Tears. Visit www.standingeagleflutes.com for pictures, sound clips and contact information.
Tipiman Drums
Andy Baxter - Handmade cedar drums with elk, deer, goat, cow, or buffalo hide. Once a carpenter, Andy found drummaking more satisfying and he now travels from Ohio to various markets to share his new found artistic talents.

Shellcarver Dan Townsend
Dan Townsend
Dan Townsend (Muscogee Creek/Cherokee) - Internationally recognized master shell carver - specializing in ancient Southeastern American Indian art interpretation and design. http://www.shellcarver.com

Traditional Hands
General Grant (Cherokee) - Traditional and contemporary jewelry design including many Cherokee story heros, legendary beings, and SE icons; plus original, one-of-a-kind Cherokee carvings and sculpture.   http://www.traditionalhands.com

Leather Shawl Leather Shawl Leather Jacket Leather Shawl
Venus Brightstar Leathers
Venus Brightstar (Lower Creek - Red Clay People / Deer Clan) - Suede and smooth nappa leather shawls and jackets lined in 100% silk and finished with silver conch buttons, beads, shells, porcupine quill embroidery, and brilliant dyes.  Website

West Wind World Logo  Website  Homeland Security T-Shirts
West Wind World
Colleen Lloyd's // Tipi T's Creative Design Products - Official printers of the Original Homeland Security (Fighting Terrorism Since 1492) shirts. Other copyrighted shirts include Border Patrol, Support Our Troops, Sitting Bull, Chief Seattle, Tribal Pride and more. Look who's wearing their shirts!!   http://www.westwindworld.com/
George Whitewolf
Geroge Whitewolf serves as the Assistant Chief of the Monacan Indian Nation of Virginia and is an accomplished leather craftsman and teacher. His work has been commissioned by and displayed in museums across the country.
Wild Sage Jewelry
Natalie and Paul Mitchell - Authentic Navajo, Hopi and Zuni silver jewelry, turquoise, carved stone fetishes, and original feather art. Natalie also paints faces - your kids will love her designs - be sure to go by and visit! DaughterSydney is an accomplished flutist and will perform at times throughout the Festival.


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