Craft Artisans and Vender Traders

Venders and Traders are BY INVITATION ONLY. All artists, craftspeople, merchants, and demonstrators are specially chosen for our Festival based on specific criteria including Native production, artistic quality, cultural significance, educational value, booth presentation, and overall attitude.

Our Festival is inside and our booth spaces are limited by building architecture. We do maintain a waiting list and Native artists are welcome to inquire about availability.

You may send photos of your booth setup and merchandise along with a written description and references to or MTSU Powwow, MTSU Box # 66, Murfreesboro, TN 37132. Please include your website address (if applicable). For more information, please email

The Indian Traders Market and the Tipi Village are both open for visitors whenever the Festival building is open to the public.

The Trader's name and primary category are required to be prominently posted on their booth at all times. Categories are: American Indian Artist: Arts and crafts made by American Indian artists as per IACA 1990. Native Art and/or Crafts: Native style arts and crafts made by non-IACA artists. Trader: Merchandise, materials, and supplies related to American Indian cultures. Any of the three categories above may also include the designation of Special Guest or Demonstrator.

The quality, desirability, value, and/or beauty of arts and crafts are not necessarily diminished by being non-IACA. However the Festival purpose is promoting American Indian peoples and their culture and to that end we require truth in our marketplace.

FYI Venders:

Booth spaces: Booth sizes are 10" by 10" and 10" by 20". Costs for booth spaces are listed on the Invitation Application.

Tables: Venders will supply their own tables and chairs. Tables and chairs will not be provided.

Parking and Camping: Parking is free. Camping for artists and venders in the nearby MTSU campground includes hookups for supply water and electricity. Rates are provided on request.

Tobacco: No alcohol, drugs, smoking, or use of tobacco are allowed inside the Tennessee Livestock Center. Tobacco may be sold for traditional use only.

Absolutely NO selling of illegal items. You may also be asked to remove culturally sensitive items from display.

Booth Signs: All booths will prominently display a sign with the name of the individual artist or company.

Indian Arts and Crafts BoardCompliance with Federal Law: In accordance with U.S. Federal Law, all Venders are required to comply with the Indian Arts and Crafts Board with respect to labeling of Native American products. It is not the purpose of this educational and cultural event to showcase the arts and crafts of other cultures or to exploit Native American cultures with imitations. Selling pseudo-indigenous artwork and crafts is prohibited. Non-Native artwork/craftwork will not be allowed without proper signage.

Prospective venders please be advised: The Festival is actively discouraging many types of non-craft and non-art merchandise. Decisions for inviting venders are based heavily on (1) Indian production, (2) overall quality, (3) cultural value, and (4) booth presentation. Decisions to both invite venders and require venders to remove items or displays are based on these criteria.

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