2008 Festival Entertainment

Head Dancers
Jr. Head Dancers

will be chosen daily for each
Grand Entry // Parade of Nations

All Eagle Staffs Welcome!   All Nations' Flags Welcome!
Join us in our Celebration!
please check-in at the MC table before Grand Entry

Visiting Royalty
please check-in at the MC table before Grand Entry

Gourd Dancers
Come prepared!!
We have set aside time before each Grand Entry
and welcome you to our Circle.

Visiting Gourd Dancers for 2008:

Memphis Tiapiah Big River Clan Society

Headsman: Bill Seegraves

For a list of Visiting Drums
please visit the Drum Contest page.

Master of Ceremonies
MC Scott Crisp
Scott Crisp (Cherokee)

Arena Director
AD Jimmy Reedy
Jimmy Reedy (Choctaw/Muskogee/Creek)

View the Indian Market and Traders Village 2008 Listing!
We're proud of our artists, exhibitors, demonstrators, and merchants!

Special Guests and Native Artists
will be announced as they are confirmed.


Mike Serna  Mike Serna
Above: Gabrileno Apache Mike Serna- flutemaker and musician

Above left: Bow master Jim Taylor (Choctaw/Cherokee)
Above right: Recording artist and Flutemaster Frank Taylor

Jimmy Yellowhorse - Cherokee Songkeeper
in concert on the Native Talent Stage

Natural Arts Technicians including Flintknapping, Beadweaving,
Basketweaving, Quillwork, and Handbuilt Pottery.

Educator Tim Deane
Tim Deane // Full-Size Lakota Lodge // Plains Lifeways

Special Guest Demonstrator Katrina Big Mountain
with Native Women's Lifeways Living Display and Lecture

Drumming and Singing
by both Northern and Southern Drum Groups
Below: Award Winning 2005 Drum - Badwater

Exhibition Dancing
Fancy Shawl                and                   Fancy Feather

Buckskin             and             Jingle              and              Grass

Men's Traditional           and            Women's Cloth

Hoop Dancing

.....more TBA.....

Check out the Artists and Craftspeople here!

Flags of Our Nations:

Flags of the First Nations who have members attending our Celebration:

Eastern Cherokee     Chreokee of OK.     Choctaw Nation     Eastern Shawnee

Email us if you plan to attend our Celebration and we'll try to find an image
of your Nation's flag to post - Be Proud - Shake Your Feathers!!

MikMaq                   Muskogee                   Navajo                 Oglala Sioux

Oneida                     Ottawa                 Rosebud Sioux            Seminole

Cheyenne          Shoshone-Bannock       Otoe-Missouria                Ponca

Lower Creek
Perdido Bay

Other Nations whose flags we have not been able to find -
Apache, Hopi, Cree, Monocan, Lower Creek/Red Clay, Mohave,
Meherrin, Kiowa, Taino, Maya, Ojibwe,

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