Common Questions

Do you have restrooms?
There are restrooms located at both corners of the building near the parking lot entrance.
Are there facilities for disabled guests?
The Tennessee Livestock Center has been up-dated to be fully accessible.
Do we need to bring chairs?
Dancers are encouraged to bring their own chairs to place around the dance area. But the arena has plenty of seating for the public both in tiered box seats around the arena circle and in large bleachers for overflow.
Are pets allowed?
No. Please leave your pets at home. The confusion of furs, feathers, children, music, unusual noises, and sudden movements create a confusing environment and even the most predictably quiet animal may not behave. We appreciate your understanding.
Are children allowed?
We love children! We're all about children! Please share with your children that they may feel free to visit and speak to folks at will. There are so many things for them to see and activities for them all over the building. They should act appropriately - please instruct them about NOT running or grabbing at people and just the general "being respectful" attitude.
Camera iconMay we bring cameras?
Definitely yes! Our artists are user-friendly and are willing to answer questions or have their photo taken if asked. FYI: An artist or craftsperson may request that photos not be taken of original art work and that is their legal right. Please abide by their wishes. During the dancing there will be brief times when the MC will announce that no pictures should be taken. These are cultural traditions that we will respect.
What is there to eat or drink?
Regular concession booth style foods will be available plus Indian tacos, fry bread, roast corn, baked potatoes, buffalo burgers, corn stew, and corn hominy.
What kind of arts and crafts are there?
Our artists and craftspeople are some of the finest in the country. You will find an amazing variety of styles and materials and prices to fit every budget. We try to offer at least a little information about each of the venders and artists plus links to their websites on this page: Market Page.

What should I wear?
Dress comfortably - the building is climate controlled. You will be walking on concrete mostly but some of the exhibit and demonstration areas are on dirt floors. The arena dance floor will be covered in wood chips - so if you care to join in the social dances you probably won't want to wear open shoes.

Who works as event staff for the Festival?
The MTSU American Indian Festival is supported by many hard-working volunteers that include current anthropology students (who have given up their spring break to help out), graduates of the anthropology and Native American studies programs (who have returned to town this weekend to support this project of their alma mater), local good-hearted citizens (who show up every year and pitch-in like blood family), members of local Native American organizations (who are veteran workers of their own events and festivals), MTSU faculty and staff (who have given up the weekend with their families once again), and many others who are just friends of the Festival!

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