Participants' Information:

The American Indian Festival is non-political, non-profit, and generally non-competition. We welcome All Nations and invite All Nations' Flags, all Eagle Staffs, all dancers, and all drums to join us in our celebration of Native culture.

Craft Artisans and Vender Traders attend BY INVITATION ONLY. For more details and policy information please read this page.

Dancers: We encourage Traditional regalia for all Grand Entries and non-Indians who are dressed appropriately to dance (in full Native dance regalia) are welcome to participate in Grand Entries. People need not be dressed to dance to take part in honor dances, veteran dances, and all social dances. If you have any question about our protocol, please ask one of our Arena Directors for advice.

Dancers may bring their own chairs and we will place as many around the circle as safety permits. Dancers and families are also welcome to sit in the audience seating area.

Royalty: Every year we welcome Visiting Royalty to our Festival and we make every effort to acknowledge them at every Grand Entry. If you are Royalty and plan on visiting AmerIndFest please read this page.

Performing Artists: Our Native Talent Stage has its own sound system and operates throughout the Festival except during Grand Entries. In addition we have time slots throughout the Festival during which we host short performances in the main Arena area.

Tribal Flags: We encourage you to bring your Nation's flag with you and carry it in our Grand Entries. We have extra flag poles on hand and if you cannot or do not want to personally carry your flag we can arrange for a veteran or other honorable individual to carry it for you. Our Arena Directors will be glad to make these arrangements. The public often does not realize how many different Nations are represented at Festivals. Carrying the flags in Grand Entry is a good opportunity to educate the public and to show your pride!

Rutherford County Chamber of Commerce
Williamson County Chamber of Commerce

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