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Above left to right:
Fancy Dancer - Grass Dancer - Traditional Dancer
Downloads:    Fancy Dancer jpg = 2.26 mb
Grass Dancer jpg = 1.0 mb       Traditional Dancer jpeg = 2.0 mb
photos above by James Nichols


Above left to right:
Traditional Dancer - - Jingle Dancer - - Fancy Shawl Dancer - - Buckskin Dancer
Downloads:   Traditional Dancer jpg = 1.8 mb
Jingle Dancer jpeg = 1.2 mb     Fancy Shawl Dancer jpeg = 393 kb
Buckskin Dancer = 1.5 mb
photos above by James Nichols

Above left to right:
Traditional Dancer / Scott Crisp - - - - - - -Lead Drum Singer / Pat Cummins
Downloads: Scott Crisp jpg = 1.1 mb    Pat Cummins jpg = 1.1 mb
Scott Crisp by Vicki Shell      Pat Cummins by James Nichols

Traditional Dancer Keith Anderson by James Nichols
Download: Keith Anderson jpg = 1.9 mb

Ancient Hands  Pine Needle Baskets

Above left: Ancient Hands Gallery // John Martin Haythorn
The Art of America's First People
Download: Pre-Columbian Southeastern Style Pottery jpg = 766 kb
photo provided by John Haythorn
Above right: Pine Needle Baskets // Lara Sanders
Download: Pine Needle Basket jpg = 1.01mb
photo provided by Lara Sanders

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