Visiting Royalty - Welcome!

Each year a number of visiting Ambassadors honor our event with their presence and their dances. We are proud to introduce them in our Grand Entries and hope that they enjoy their visit to our Festival.

So that we may properly introduce and recognize you please fill out your dancer registration as usual but make sure to also note your title and other important information on the registration card. Please tell our registration assistants as you register that you are Royalty so that they will be sure to relay your information to the Grand Entry Coordinator.

All Ambassadors are expected to promote good will and to represent themselves, their families, communities, and tribes in the best manner possible. Since they are considered role models they should lead by example with a respectful and positive attitude toward all.

If you would like to volunteer to help out at the Festival as part of your community service please tell our registration assistants and they will notify the volunteer coordinator. We are always happy to have more hands lighten our work!!

Thank you for visiting our Festival!!

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