Qiang Wu

Assistant Professor in Mathematics and Actuarial Sciences

Faculty of the Computational Science PhD Program

Associate of the Society of Actuaries

Office: KOM 203A

Tel: (615) 898 -2053

Email: qwu at mtsu dot edu

curriculum vitae
Scholarly Activities


PhD: Learning Theory, City University of Hong Kong, 2005

PostDoc: Machine Learning and Statistics, Duke University, 2005-2008


I am teaching actuarial science and statistics as well as service courses.

Links: Society of Actuaries, MTSU Actuarial Math Students Association,


Research Interests: Machine Learning, Data Mining, Statistical Modeling, and their applications

Recent Activities:

Special Issue on "Learning Theory" for Abstract and Applied Analysis, 2013

Mini-Symposium: "Statistical computing methods for imaging data analysis, SIAM SEAS 2013 Annual Meeting, March 22-24.

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