*** Philosophy and the Young Child ***

Sophie slung her schoolbag on the floor and put a bowl of cat food out for Sherekan. Then she sat down on a kitchen stool with the mysterious letter in her hand. Who are you? She had no idea. She was Sophie Amundsen, of course, but who was that? She had not really figured that out--yet.
-- Justin Gaarder, Sophie's World

"But what is this earthly substance? What was it that exploded that time billions of years ago? Where did it come from?"
"That is the big question."
"And a question that concerns us all very deeply. For we ourselves are of that substance. We are a spark from the great fire that was ignited many billions of years ago."
"That's a beautiful thought too."
"However, we must not exaggerate the importance of these figures. It is enough just to hold a stone in your hand. The universe would have been equally incomprehensible if it had only consisted of that one stone the size of an orange. The question would be just as impenetrable: where did this stone come from?"

-- Justin Gaarder, Sophie's World