Spinoza's Ethics: An Index of Implication
The following is a "logical index" to Spinoza's Ethics. It was generated with the assistance of Houdini 3.0, a hypertext network editor designed by Neil Larson of MaxThink, Inc. The index is displayed in HTML table format designed to emulate HIPO, which is an IBM acronym that stands for "Hierarchy plus Inputs, Processing, and Outputs." The index contains three columns. The middle column contains the terms referenced. The left-hand column contains the "inputs" for the referenced term. In this case, inputs are the terms cited in the proof or explanation of the referenced term (for which reason definitions and axioms generally have no inputs). The right-hand column contains the "outputs" of the referenced term. The outputs are all the subsequent terms in the Ethics in which the referenced term is cited.

ETHICS: Logical Index node 1
ETHICS: Logical Index node 2
2. ID1 -->26. IP7
62. IP24
608. VP35
ETHICS: Logical Index node 3
3. ID2 -->27. IP8
59. IP21