Instructor:                  Ron Bombardi

Office:                        307 JUB, Ext. 2049

Email:                         rbombard@frank.mtsu.edu





The plus/minus grading scale in this course will reflect the current University options for assigning fractional quality-point values between traditional letter grades, as follows:


            Grade                           Quality Points


              A                                   4.00


              B+                                 3.33


              B                                    3.00


              B-                                  2.67


              C+                                 2.33


              C                                   2.00


              C-                                  1.67


              D+                                 1.33


              D                                   1.00


              D-                                   .67


              F                                    0.00



The distribution of grades in this course, as discussed in the primary syllabus, will be determined by corrected average method, with the current university mean GPA serving as the standard mean for comparative purposes.  Thus, for example, if the university average GPA were to fall at 2.6, then a PHIL 1030 student exceeding the arithmetic mean score on a particular exercise or exam by 1/3 of the standard deviation for that instrument would receive a B, while a student whose score fell deficient of the mean by 1/3 of the standard deviation would receive a C+, and so on.