Through the Looking Glass
by Lewis Carroll

The text for this WWW Edition of  Through the Looking Glass  was made available electronically to the Internet as part of Project Gutenberg.   Use the directory below to access chapters individually.

Table of Contents

        Chapter I:       Looking-Glass House
        Chapter II:      The Garden of Live Flowers
        Chapter III:     Looking-Glass Insects
        Chapter IV:     Tweedledum and Tweedledee
        Chapter V:      Wool and Water
        Chapter VI:     Humpty Dumpty
        Chapter VII:    The Lion and the Unicorn
        Chapter VIII:   'It's My Own Invention'
        Chapter IX:     Queen Alice
        Chapter X:      Shaking
        Chapter XI:     Waking
        Chapter XII:    Which Dreamt It?

This edition of Through the Looking Glass is presented by

Ron Bombardi
Department of Philosophy
Middle Tennessee State University