1. Conceptual/Eytemological Retrieve of techne ("know-how" from the Pre-Socratics through Aristotle).

  2. Technology, Culture, and Climate (global geography & climatology)
    Readings: Needham's History of Science in China / various archaeologial studies from Robinson Crusoe.

  3. Inventing & Questioning: Technology Naturalized.

  4. Making & Measuring: The Art of Engineering.

  5. Letter & Spirit; Technologies of Life and Death (Digression: A Short History of Scientific Instruments)

  6. Philosophy of Furniture : From Poe to Foucault (with a detour on Nietzsche, Architecture, and the Transvaluation of Guilds). Focus will be on the contrast between manufacture under/over risk.

  7. Technology and Human Values, or Will the Real Mephistopheles Please Stand Up? (analysis of discourse about technology--grammatical moods that pose technology [indicative mood] against values [imperative mood] are resolved via the subjunctive).

  8. Technology and Science Fiction ("Scotty, beam me up": The Uses and Abuses of Imagination).

  9. How Things Work: The Sciences of the Artificial

  10. The Flow of Information

  11. Technology, Ideology, & Social Action (Whose techne, whose logos?

  12. Access to Tools: Liberation Technology
    Readings: Whole Earth Catalogs, Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance