Sustainable Agronomy
School of Agribusiness and Agriscience
Middle Tennessee State University


10/07/2015 Paper: "Adaptive hierarchical support vector machine for fast and accurate taxonomy assignments from 16S rRNA sequences" has been submitted and is currently under review.

04/14/2015 Grants: A collaborating USDA grant with UTK on agricultural water use efficiency has been funded.Check UTK press release and usda press release.

03/23/2015 Grants: Our USDA grant on UAS and its application in agriculture has been funded.

05/08/2015 Paper: "Yield, quality, and spectral reflectance responses of cotton under subsurface drip irrigation" has been published in Agronomy Journal.

03/08/2015 Paper: "Emitter uniformity and application efficiency for center pivot irrigation systems" has been published in Irrigation and Drainage.