Sustainable Agronomy
School of Agribusiness and Agriscience
Middle Tennessee State University

Currently Teaching:
ABAS 2210 Introduction to Agricultural Engineering: Introduction to a wide range of engineering principles applied in agriculture, including machines, hydraulics, internal combustion engines, irrigation, weather, electrical circuits.

ABAS 3330 Field Crop Production: Introduction to crop production, physiology, management, and interaction with environment.

ABAS 4310 Forage Crops: Characteristics of forage species, forage management, and forage utilization.

ABAS 4910 Problems in Agriculture: Class projects assigned on individual basis.

ABAS 4680 Internship in Plant and Soil Science: Internship projects assigned on individual basis.

Taught Before:
ABAS 1610 Elements of Plant Science
ABAS 4670 Plant Propagation
ABAS 3340 Soil