Economic and Computational Resources

Web Sites
  • The Quantitative Macroeconomics and Real Business Cycle home page at QMRBC.
  • The Federal Reserve Bank of Minn. at FRBM.
  • Musings by Steven E. Landsburg at SLATE.
  • The Dismal Scientist at DISMAL.
  • Upcoming conferences economtric conferences.
  • CRC Concise Encyclopedia of Mathematics at CRC CEM.
  • The home page for economics journal at WEBEC.
    Computer Programs
  • The home page for RATS the time-series program at ESTIMA.
  • The home page for S-Plus the statistical program at INSIGHTFUL.
  • The homepage for Matlab the numeric programming language at MATLAB.
  • The symbolic computational language MAPLE.
  • The home page for the statistical program SAS.
  • The home page for Mathematica the symbolic program at WOLFRAM.
  • Statlib, Library of statistical programs
  • Comprehensive TeX Archive CTAN.
  • The homepage for scientific word and workplace TCISOFT.
  • TeX to html translator TTH.
  • psid, panel study of income dynamics
  • wrds, wharton research service
  • FRED, The Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis home page

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