Cognitive Psychology: By Stephen R. Schmidt,

Term Paper

Details concerning the paper can be found at the links below.

  1. Description of the paper

  2. Topic_Approval.doc (down load this form, complete it, and upload it to your dropbox in D2L, if the form doesnt' work, try this: Paper Topic Approval)

  3. Statement on Plagiarism (Print, sign, and turn this in.)
  4. Term Paper Evaluation (This is the form I will use to grade your paper.)

  5. Submitting your Paper: Upload your paper and support materials to D2L (

Term Paper checklist

In a MS Word.doc or .docx include the following:

_ Paper in APA format, with running head and page numbers.
_ Title page with your name
_ Do not include a paper abstract
_ 6-10 pages in length, in a standard font and size (e.g., Times, size 12), including title page, body, and references
_ Reference page listing all cited sources

Additional support materials (either uploaded to the Support Materials folder on D2L or hand me hard copies):

_ Paper Topic Approval Page
_ Signed Plagiarism Statement
_ Copies (reprints, photocopies, or pdfs) of all the sources on your reference page.

Note: Your term papers will be automatically scanned by the plagiarism detection software "Turnitin."  This software calculates an originality score that reflects overlap between your paper and a large database of material. The database includes on-line sources, published academic articles, and in previously scanned student papers.  Papers with high overlap will be suspect. Please read the above linked Statment on Plagiarism. Your paper becomes part of the database once it is scanned.

Some helpful information

  1. Guides to APA format

    1. APA
    2. Using American Psychological Association (APA) Format

    3. APA Style Essentials
    4. Writing Research Reports

  2. Sources: MTSU Psychology Research Guide, PsycINFO

  3. How to document (cite) sources:
  4. Sample Papers: Review Paper  Research Report

Note, the sample papers were prepared by my students.  I selected these papers to provide you with some very good examples of the format, content, depth, and scope of the term paper.  However, these papers are not perfect.  There are several problems with the APA style, and there may be grammatical and spelling errors.  Try to avoid these problems in your term paper.

Also note the I have converted the papers to be viewed in a web browser.  As a result, the exact layout, and page breaks are not correct, and the layout will not be correct if you print the paper.

V. Sample Topics:

These are topics I have collected over the years from what I think were successful term papers.  You are not limited to these topics, I provide them to give you an idea of the kind of course related content that you can cover in a successful term paper.

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