Students can visit these web pages to view lecture materials and selected graphics. This material may help the students to decide whether or not to take the course. Once enrolled in the course students can use these pages to see material that they may have missed. In addition, students can visit these pages to review for examinations. Finally, these pages include some links to other locations to further expand the material.

Because this course material is available online, students can view it from any of the on-campus computer labs, the library, at home on a home computer, or from anywhere in the world with internet access.

How to Use These Pages

These pages were created specifically for use with recent versions of Firfox. I cannot anticipate how they will appear on the many different web browsers that are available. 

This is a working project. I strive to make these pages user friendly, and I modify and update the pages regularly. Please provide comments and suggestions by sending email to the address below.

Copyright Information

These pages were created by me to supplement Psychology 4040, Introduction to Cognition at Middle Tennessee State University. The material contained in these pages should be considered my intellectual property and treated as such.

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